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Honda Accord Lifestyle

Updated on September 19, 2015

Honda Accord 2.0 i-VTEC Lifestyle

In addition to reduced emissions of harmful exhaust emissions, engineers have made sure that the cabin is quieter.

Honda Accord is one of the most desirable D segment cars, and the only obstacle between the Accord and the customer is the price that starts at 24,500 euros including VAT for a model with basic equipment package Comfort.

However, Honda is known to the base versions have a very rich equipment, so that, when the rule comparison with competitors that have the equivalent gear and engine power, the difference in prices essentially would not be material.

Cabin has remained virtually unchanged during the facelift.

It is added a new ambient light blue colors and legroom in the front seats.

The materials are of high quality and design of the dashboard is, two years after the start of production, and still fashionable.

However, the Accord is less conservative and more sports sedan, while a large number of buttons and keys creates a high-tech atmosphere.

Comfort and ergonomics are at a very high level, especially before driving position with their legs spread and practical steering wheel that is almost vertical.

Seats are still among the best in its class, with a backrest constructed so that literally hug driver and codriver.

At high speeds is actually reduced noise coming from the engine and tires, but the vibrations emanating from the clutch when starting from standstill larger than expected.

The two-liter gasoline engine maximum power is achieved at high 6300 rpm, and in the upper range and a maximum torque.

In practice this means that it is necessary to keep the engine at high revs in order to elicit better performance.

Otherwise, the impression is that the engine is slow and insufficiently strong for almost a ton and heavy body.

Why choose Lifestyle package?

Equipment in Lifestyle package is so rich that the list of options is reduced to a few things, such as leather seats and adaptive cruise control with radar that I maintain distance from the vehicle in front.

Honda Accord in Lifestyle trim is standard equipped with a system to automatically activate or deactivate the high beam.

This device is inserted during facelift, as well as adaptive cruise control.

It works by camera mounted behind the interior rear-view mirror detects the headlights and parking lights of cars in front and automatically determines the work bi-xenon headlights.

In practice, the system proved to be very effective, and the only problem are the rules rear parking lights older cars with poor bulbs or those that have been contaminated.

These cameras is more difficult to recognize, but the beam is still on time was excluded as a driver in front would not be blinded.

All in all that is very comfortable and practical gadget.

Honda Accord interior


When we can expect new generation of Honda Accord?

Since current Accord is restyled last time before two years we expect some changes in upcoming years. It seems that 2016 Honda Accord will get just a small facelift, but 2017 Spirior Concept looks really fantastic. The 2017 Honda Accord Spiror concept announces the arrival of a new generation. All in all upcoming years are bright for this mid-size car.

2016 Honda Accord


2017 Honda Accord Spirior


Honda Accord Tourer 2.0 Lifestyle Onboard Test

Honda without Accord and its successor in Europe

After nearly three decades of presence in Europe, the Japanese manufacturer withdraws Accord with the market. While Honda and previously announced elimination of its mid-size sedan class, it is now confirmed that the Accord will not have a successor to the European market.

The CEO of Honda in the UK, Leon Brannan, said the Accord simply can no longer cope with the competition in Europe.

In a market where even leaders in the segment, new Volkswagen Passat and Ford Mondeo, have a problem to fight for customers against the onslaught of premium models like the Mercedes C Class and BMW 3-Series, Accord has no chance.

After 2004, when in Europe Honda delivered a record number of 48,346 Accord, sales falling from year to year and 2014 it has reached only 3,453 cars sold.

Read some interesting news and reviews about this and other Honda car models.

Honda Accord Euro


Honda Spirior Concept

Dongfeng Honda has introduced a new concept Spirior at the Beijing Motor Show.
Designed as a representation of the next Accord generation this concept has a somewhat more conservative design, but with a number of improvements in the appearance that make it visually aggressive with new sports front bumper, aerodynamic side skirts and mesh detail on the mask. This sedan has LED headlights, black details and attractive alloy wheels.

Little information is for now, available about this vehicle, and Honda says that the production model will be introduced later this year and will have significant improvements in design, dynamic performance and technology, as well as numerous safety systems. Also, Honda promises to be fun to drive and will set new standards in the category of sports sedans.

Check out Honda Spirior concept


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