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Honda Civic Generations

Updated on February 20, 2015

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in the world that boasts quality, reliability, as well as affordability. For a car that's so affordable, the Civic has all sorts of new technology that rivals other more expensive vehicles so you get the most bang for your buck. The Civic is a great starter car for new drivers, as well as reliable cars to keep in the family. Since 1972, the Honda Civic brought all sorts of new technology into the car industry, making it an obvious choice for car consumers all over the world.

First Generation (1972-1979)

The first generation Honda Civic was sold in 1973 and had reclining bucket seats, simulated wood trim, and optional air conditioning and radio. It was a four-cylinder engine with front power disc brakes. The Civic was popular because it could run on either unleaded or leaded fuel, giving drivers much flexibility during the oil crisis of 1973. If you thought gas prices are through the roof right now, it was pretty atrocious back in the 70s.

Second Generation (1979-1983)

The second generation Honda Civic started selling in 1980 and was a larger vehicle with a more angular shape. It had increased engine power and was offered in four speed manual, five speed manual, and two speed semi-automatic.

Third Generation (1983-1987)

The third generation was released in 1984 and was something referred to as a breadbox due to its shape. This generation had a new long running four cylinder engine and the high performance SI model was introduced.

Even today, the Civic SI model is a popular choice for gear heads who live by the stick shift and remains one of the top manual cars in the world. They have a pretty impressive resale value and for good reason.

Fourth Generation (1988-1991)

The fourth generation Honda Civic was completely redesigned with a lower hood line and longer dimensions. A number of models and trim were available all over the world and sold extremely well. This generation had a fully independent rear suspension.

Fifth Generation (1991-1995)

The fifth generation Honda Civic had more aerodynamic styling and was pretty efficient. This is the generation that’s most popular in the JDM world and widely modded among tuners and racers. It had a 48/55 MPG and was one of the most fuel efficient cars at the time.

Sixth Generation (1996-2000)

The sixth generation had an updated styling with engine and suspension options with the Natural Gas Powered Civic. There wasn’t too much of an update in this generation.

Seventh Generation (2000-2005)

The seventh generation still had the exterior dimensions of the previous generation, but had an upgraded interior space and upgraded the Civic into the compact car category. Car power was also increased on a few trim levels. In Japan, Coupe versions were no longer sold starting with this generation. Coupe and sedan models were still available in North America but everywhere else in the world had 3 or 5 door hatchbacks.

Eighth Generation (2006-2011)

Honda made the model into two different platforms for the sedan and the coupe. In 2006, 16.5 million Civics were sold in the world, showing their heightened popularity in the world. The North American and the Japanese model came different in external appearance, but still had the same internal mechanics.

Ninth Generation (2011-Present)

The ninth generation offers gasoline, hybrid, and natural gas variants to help with the environment. The current model is a bit smaller and lighter than older models with a more fluid design nicknamed the “one motion” design. All models in North America except for the base come with Intelligent Multi Informational Display that’s compatible with personal electronic devices. All Civics have an excellent fuel economy compared to the previous generation because of the improved aerodynamics and weight reduction.

Honda Civics are known to be completely versatile, making them very popular in the car modification world. Car enthusiasts know that Honda Civics can have all sorts of add-ons, like LED Daytime Running Lights, body kits, and decals. Car fans even go as far as lowering their cars and installing air tanks as a unique way to show off their ride. These cars definitely catch the eye of everyone out there, since a car rising up and down is sure a sight to see! The choices of car mods for Civics are endless, making Civics extremely popular. Not only are Civics extremely affordable, they are tremendously reliable and do an excellent job of being stylish and keeping its passengers safe.

It's no surprise why Civics remain one of the most popular cars on the street today. They are great as an entry level car, as well as one for a seasoned driver who lives for the car track. Seasoned drivers can opt to add some cool LED lighting to reflect how different their Civic is from the stock version and how much farther they've become. The versatility and compatibility is probably what makes the Civic so much more appealing than a lot of vehicles on the road. Based on the excellent track record of the Civic, there is no doubt that its past popularity, coupled with its present fan base will make the car stay in the future for a very long time to come.


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