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2016 Honda Civic Special Edition launched for fans of Porcupine Sonic

Updated on July 27, 2016

Sonic the Hedgehog is also known as the "speedy hedgehog Sonic" in Vietnam is one of the cartoon characters, the most influential games of 1990 worldwide.

Created and developed by SEGA (Japan), Sonic hedgehog walked through the age of 25 a few days ago.

And to celebrate this event, not only SEGA, but a company car is their compatriot Honda also has a very interesting gift. That's the 2016 version Honda Civc Porcupine Sonic eye-catching, is on display in the event of Comic-con in the US.

The Sonic is equipped with a new blue mantle mainstream, combined with wheels clusters red-white at the rear wheel - the right colors to the image reminiscent Sonic hedgehog with a distinctive red shoes. Meanwhile, the front wheels are painted gold the whole the same as the color of the ring in the game of the same name.

Honda does not publish pictures car interior, but the information on the sidelines to see, the seats will be blue Katzkin leather with logo "Sonic the Hedgehog 25H Anniversary".

In addition, the entertainment system in the pit Sonic Civic equally well with 10-inch speakers use Rockford Fosgate subwoofer delivers 500 W, 400 W and a pair of amps a 32-inch TV screen can flip open, allowing people driving right play Sonic game.

Meanwhile, the engine remains the same from the original, use 4-cylinder engine turbocharged, 1.5L capacity


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