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2012 Honda Fit Review

Updated on November 5, 2015

This Is My Honda Fit

My Car
My Car | Source

Why I Bought A 2012 Honda Fit

I was driving the clunker of the century. It was a giant ugly green Crown Victoria that I much would have rather let it burn on the side of the road. I didn't by the way. I literally drove that car until I pretty much ran it into the ground. To start off, the interior was falling apart. About every 3 months I had to get a new tire because it was always pulling to the right, even after alignments. Towards the end of my Crown Victoria adventure, the AC stopped working, which wouldn't be so bad, if my windows worked. Yep, no AC and no working windows in the middle of the hot Florida sun. One day, my car decided to just die. At this point, I knew it was time to start looking for another vehicle. I had barely any credit in my name and I was strapped for cash as a down payment.

I went to all the local car dealerships around within a weeks time and only liked maybe 2 or 3 out of the hundreds I looked at. Those 2 or 3 were used and my concern was if I was going to go through the same troubles my Crown Victoria had given me. I then turned my interest in new vehicles. I had always been told stay away from new because the value depreciates as soon as you drive off the parking lot.

I went to Ford. The vultures came swarming in as soon as I put a foot on the pavement. So, I jumped back in the car and read the window stickers from my driver seat. At this time Ford vehicles had jumped $10,000. My interest was the Ford Escape. I wanted something with room for camping and somewhat decent mileage. As soon as I saw the price jump and read the reviews, I was completely turned off and never returned.

I went to Nissan. The one vehicle I had interest in was the Pathfinder. Still out of my price range. Not only did I need something cheap, I needed something with room. I left and decided to go to the next dealership.

Chevy. Looking at their website online, I found the Spark. I was ecstatic about it. It was small and cheap. I drove down there the next day only to find out any one who drives a Spark is driving blind. Sparks are so tiny that when there is a passenger next to the driver, they block the mirror. If you have men in the car, they look uncomfortable. The mirrors on the left and right angle in the worst way. It cuts off the view of oncoming traffic from behind. I left and went to the last possible dealership locally.

Honda. There were a handful of cars I saw that I was interested in. The CR-V looked nice, but out of my price range. Civic was cute, but I needed more space. Then I came across the Honda Fit. I first looked at a silver one and thought, what an ugly Mommy mobile, but then I saw a light blue one and was interested in what it had to offer. No vultures came to try to have me sign a contract. Instead, they let me come to them. They kindly got the keys and pulled it right up front.

The lady introduced herself and let me have a test drive. I felt it was perfect! Spacious and great gas, lots of seats for my family, pretty blue lights at night, and the safety rating was pretty good. I was sold, the only last question was, how much?

After negotiating and increasing my warranties, I paid $21,000. I might have gotten ripped off, but I was sold on the fact it was perfect for me, reliable, new, extended warranties, spacious with fold down seats, and AC! The best part was that it had 6 miles on it and it was parked in the show room. They had to drive 3 other vehicles out of the way in order to get mine out.

I ended up trading my Crown Victoria which wasn't much and had exactly $2,000 to put down and pay the extra insurance. I also had maybe 3 months of credit to my name and they were able to give me an 8% interest rating. I know it's high, but I've seen 12% and quickly ran away.

I still currently drive my Honda Fit and would recommend it to anyone! As soon as this car gets run into the ground, I'm going to get myself a CR-V and buy it right where I got my Fit.

Honda Fit Colors

Honda Fit Colors
Honda Fit Colors | Source

Design and Fuel Efficiency

Amazing! To the right is all of the color choices they come in. There is quite a variety to choose from. On top of all the colors, the size is small but spacious on the inside. I can completely wash my car without any hassle, including the roof. Driving this vehicle is absolutely a blast! When I go to concerts, I can squeeze between concrete blockers and skip traffic. I can get in and out of traffic and park in the tiniest parking spaces.

For all the Moms, campers, fishermen, sports players, and anyone else I didn't mention, you can literally fit anything into the car!

Fuel Efficiency: I average about 32-36mpg. Some Honda Reviews state the Fit is slow at accelerating. I'm perfectly okay with the slow acceleration because it only saves me gas.


When driving a Honda, off the parking lot, perks include a complimentary car wash whenever your oil is changed. Oil and tire rotation cost me about $63.00. Honda has a new oil gauge that determines what percentage of the oil is good or even there. I normally change mine at 10% and have only had 2 with almost 19,000 miles.

Quality service: I ran my car into a curb to dodge a dog around 3 in the morning. I did significant damage because it took out 2 tires and the the alignment off. I took my car in the next morning and they gave me the best service ever. Not only did they inspect my vehicle but they broke down a list of what needed to be fixed and what they recommended. Unfortunately, I didn't have the cash to get it fixed and I didn't want to report it to the insurance. I got the alignment and new tires but never replaced specific parts that needed to be. To this day, I still haven't fixed the parts because the car seems to be doing fine.

High retail value: according to the staff at Honda, Honda vehicles are not found at rental stores. This helps retain a higher retail value when trading in a Honda or selling one.


There is always cons in any review. The only thing that I believe is a downside of owning a Honda is the amount of time it takes for everything. My oil change isn't too bad, usually 30 minutes. But when any part needs to be changed, it's an automatic hour and a half.

My color, raspberry blue is amazing to spot in a parking lot, but it is extremely visible whenever I accidentally scratch it.

2015: Still Driving My 2012 Honda Fit

I just thought I'd add on to this post since I've been driving my car for over 2 years. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. So what's new??

  • I hit a curb a year after I got my blue mobile and popped both right side tires. I haven't had any other complications resulting from the accident, but it was pretty traumatic to that specific side. 2014
  • My AC froze over driving to Tampa and back. 08-13-15.
  • The windshield wipers were just replaced right before coming to SC for a work assignment. 09-10-15.
  • The driver side door motor had to be replaced. I had the rare occurrence that the motor died early. This was covered by the warranty! 2014
  • Vinegar corrodes metal! I had to leave because of an emergency and ultimately had to bring my cat which resulted in her voiding on my car seat. The smell is gone, but that side is now rusted over.
  • 2 years later and I finally discovered the secret compartment on the driver side of my Honda behind my seat! I now feel accomplished.

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This is Me!
This is Me! | Source

Honda Fit Review Rating

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    • PunkyMedic profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thank you! I've moved twice with my car. Can't wait to take it camping!

    • strkngfang profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice hub on an awesome car. My wife and I both have 09 Fit Sports & we both previously had Eclipse spyder sports cars. I love my Fit and I think it's peppy VTEC 4 cylinder is more than adequate and I average 31 mpg in city driving. Tons of room, comfortable and a Honda!!! Voted up!


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