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Honda Motorcycle OEM Parts

Updated on February 10, 2010

Looking for replacement parts for your Honda?

Does your motorcycle need full repair and your are a fan of DYI? Are you looking for a specific replacement part? Are you curious to know how many different parts is your motorcycle made of?

You have two options, either you take your bike to the mechanic and hope for the best or you repair it yourself!

OEM parts, contrary to aftermarket parts, are the original parts from the brands themselves. A few years ago, you could only find them directly from the brand, now, they are all acessible to you, comfortably sitting at home!

Sites like have in stock all the OEM parts you might need, for all Honda motorcycles, even if you want to build a new bike from scratch! ;-)

I found BikeBandit a few years ago when I had a Honda Shadow Aero. Since was not a great fan of the OEM 750 handlebar, I searched the schematics for the 1300VTX and bought the one from that model, which I liked much more than the original one! ;-)

All the schematics available online!


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