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2013 Honda NC700X

Updated on September 2, 2012

The "New Concept" is here!!!

The all new Honda NC700X motorcycle is the new concept in motorcycle design, that is what the "NC" stands for. Honda has designed its new 670cc liquid cooled, fuel injected, twin cylinder engine with the same technology as their cars. The twin is inclined forward 62 degrees and encased in a steel frame giving it a low profile and a low center of gravity, makng it easier to handle. This new engine design was made for not just the NC700X, but for the stripped down NC700S and the Integra maxi scooter. The engine also can be mated to two different transmissions. A manual and a dual clutch automatic, that can be ridden like a manual by flipping one of its three mode switches and using paddle type shifters, no foot clutch to worry about. The new powerplant will cruise all day in style at 85 mph and will top out at around 117.

The new NC700X resembles a sportbike but with a more level riding position and higher positioned handlebars. It rides on 17" wheels and even with its heavy 472 lb weight, it is still extremely nimble, even in twisty corners. One of new surprises is there is a storage compartment where a standard motorcycles fuel tank would be. This deep area will fit some full sized helmets or a lot of smaller items. The real fuel tank is under the passenger seat and holds 3.7 gallons of fuel. The single display gauge shows all digital info, with a clock, odometer, mph and fuel level. The rpm bar goes across the top, with its redline at 6500. There are also lighted indicators for oil pressure, lights, turn signals, transmission mode etc. The padded seat is very sport bike like as are the flip out passenger foot pegs. The mini windscreen is useless and looks like an afterthought, much like the SH150i scooters.

This bike should appeal to a lot of riders, especially in the automatic transmission. Here is a motorcycle with several scooter qualities, storage etc, as well as the excellent fuel economy rated at 65 mpg. The cost for the manual transmission is a friendly $6,999 and you'll have to shell out 2,000 more for the DCT version, also standard with ABS brakes.

The bike accelerates very smoothly, especially in the DCT transmission and you can't tell when it switches gears at all. It rides like the maxi scooters in feeling like a two wheeled automobile. The braking system is a single 3 piston caliper disc on the front and a single piston rear rotor on the rear. This takes some extra getting used to to give the bike its absolute stopping power. The ABS on the DCT model is worth the extra cost.

The NC700X is already a best seller in Europe and promises to be one in the states as well. Our dealer is selling them on a regular basis and the interest level in this new bike is very high.


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