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Honda Reflex 250

Updated on January 8, 2013

The Silverwings smaller sibling

The Honda Reflex was offered by Honda from 2001-2008, the 2007 model was the last. These were sold alongside with the Helix & Big Ruckus as Honda's 250cc maxi scooters. The Silverwing at 600cc is still available and in a class by itself.

The Reflex was powered by a 249cc engine with a CVT transmission, its weight varied from 373-379 lbs, depending on which model. Through the period there was a base version, a sport, and ABS versions of both. The engine & mechanics were all the same on all of the models with only cosmetic differences. Of course the ABS versions had anti lock braking systems. The base model came with a full size windshield, the Sport has a smaller windshield along with passenger backrest and chrome handrails as well as black rims and chrome mirrors etc.

All models feature large dual headlamps, the left operating the regular low beam and the right handling the high beam. Just like sport bikes, under normal daytime riding only one light is lit. The tail lights are circular and large for excellent vision for the cars behind you and are inspired by Hondas sports car, the S2000. The floorboard is split down the sides and slants up in the front for various leg positions with a center console running down the middle. The front of the console contains a locking cover that leads to the 3.2g fuel tank. There are 3 storage areas. A small compartment to the left of the handlebars for keys, cell phones etc, a large glove box below the handlebars that can hold larger items such as manuals, drinks, cameras etc and lastly the seat pops open from the side to reveal underseat storage that can fit a full size helmet or items as large. The seat has an adjustable backrest and is very comfortable. Fold out chrome footpegs will cater to the passengers. The dash contains a speedometer with odometer & trip odometer, tachometer,fuel gauge, temp gauge and an LCD clock. The turnsignal, parking brake and lights are also displayed on the panel. Speaking of the parking brake, it sets to the right of the handlebars and locks the rear wheel for parking on a slant using the side stand. The Reflex also has a center stand and locking steering as standard.

The Reflex rides on a 13" front wheel and a 12" rear one, with dual adjustable shocks and disc brakes. The Sport model has a combined braking system used on all newer Honda scooters. Its wheelbase is 60.8 inches and the seat height at 28.3 is perfect for beginner riders who can have their feet solidly on the ground at stops. The non fuel injected engine still has plenty of pep and will reach 80mph but most comfortable at 60-65. It feels very stable and handles really well.
If you are looking for a maxi scoot and don't want the monsterous Burgman 650 or Silverwing and the Majesty & Burgman 400's are just a little too large then the Reflex is perfect. Same great looks, still highway capable and mpg in the 70's. These scooters are highly sought after and can be had really reasonable. Most sellers are only selling to move up to a Burgman or Silverwing and sadly part with their Reflex.

I recently got a 2006 Sport version in yellow so I can vouch for everything that has been said about this remarkable scoot. Try one and see...


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    • profile image

      John 4 years ago

      I have a 2006 reflex with 1400 miles on it and the gas gauge don't work, stays on empty, is there a quick fix out there?

    • strkngfang profile image

      strkngfang 4 years ago

      I sure don't, but there is a yahoo group for Honda Reflex owners that will be able to help. Just do a search on Yahoo.

    • profile image

      Ilene 4 years ago

      I have a 2006 reflex 250cc that I got new in 2008. Now has about 6000 miles and the clock stopped...went blank. Do you know how I can fix this?