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Things You Need To Ask When Looking for a Driving School

Updated on December 2, 2016

Looking for a Driving School

So you finally made the decision to get driving lessons. Now you are on the search for that perfect school within your budget and proper to your needs. You might have heard stories about sleazy, unprofessional, drunk driving instructors and worst, drive schools with crappy driving lessons. Make an informed decision and know what to look for in your driving school of choice by following these tips.

1. Is the price reasonable and within the budget?

Make sure you get your money's worth. Some schools offer very low fees but this may only include limited lessons or worse, unskilled instructors. Expensive fees does not always translate to quality driving lessons so do your research beforehand and choose wisely. Information is available online from search engines, forums, and related threads to help you short list those driving schools that are worth your money.

2. Is the school accessible?

Location is important since it would save you time and money. Make sure that the location is near your place or work. It would be difficult to attend classes and concentrate on those drive lessons when you are harried from travelling. If you get an after work schedule, location is all the more important since you would probably be tired at the end of the day.

3. Is the drive school a good one?

Try to find as much as you can about the school you consider signing up. Visit online forums or threads to read on feedback and reviews of any particular school you are considering. Does the school fare well based on the feedback of its previous students? Such data will help you in weighing the pros and cons to make that decision. This is important since schools don't refund of the fees once the lessons start.

4. Does the school offer the appropriate lessons and method?

It would help to ask yourself these questions before enrolling:

Do you have any idea about the school's method of instruction?

Do they offer immediate on-road lessons?

Or do you prefer to learn the theories first? For those with zero driving experience, a classroom or theoretical approach for the first meetings would be ideal before the actual on-road driving itself.

More importantly, get the lesson curriculum. Most of the established driving schools provide this on their websites.

5. Does the school provide a safe practice driving area

This is especially important to beginners who might have fear of driving immediately in a real road. A driving circuit or practice ground would help a first-timer to hone his skills and gain confidence behind the wheel. Some schools allow their student drivers to gain firsthand driving experience by letting them drive (with their instructors) in the real road conditions on their first day. It can be a very daunting experience for first-time drivers so a safe practice driving area would be a great option.


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