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Honda Brio | Best New Small Car in India – Exclusive Review

Updated on December 25, 2012
The Honda New Small Car 2013
The Honda New Small Car 2013

Honda Brio New Small Car Launch in India 2012

The much awaited Honda Small car is now officially launched as 'Honda Brio' in India and priced between 3.95 and 5 lakhs. So far, this is the cheapest car available in India from Honda. The design is giving high importance to the comfort and luxury of the consumer. With Honda Small car, they have entered a new market segment in India for the first time. The Honda Brio is powered by the same model of 1098 cc , four cylinder engine used in Honda Jazz. Additionally, it weights 70 Kilograms lesser than the Honda Jazz. This gives additional more than enough engine power to the Brio. Honda Brio is undoubtedly one of the best small cars in India for 2012-2013.

The Design and Interior

Although, Brio comes classified as a small car, it really doesn't look like one. They've made the front seats more spacious by cutting short the space on backseats. Even a person 6ft tall can rest his legs comfortably in the front seat. The air indicators resemble that of fighter planes.

Testers Notice

To keep the price low Honda has made some compromises with Brio.

  • No adjustable head rest.
  • No automatic AC.
  • The stereo system is simple with USB drive (no CD supported)
  • Fog lamps are only available in higher model. It comes integrated and is difficult to add it later after purchasing the initial model.

The attractive features are the good looks, spacious and well finished interiors itself. Thin steering, can circle a Brio with one finger. The turning radius is low. The round gear knob is very comfortable to handle.

[Post Before The Launch of Hond Brio]

Honda SIEL India Ltd. Has flagged up their plan to launch a honda small car in India in 2011.This is one of the most awaited model Honda cars to be launched next year. The Honda small car is focused for India and other developing nations. They first released the concept of small car on the Auto Expo 2010 Delhi. Although it’s named as honda ‘small car’ it doesn’t literally mean to compete with other economy-car providers such as Maruti and Tata Nano. Its exact official price of has not year been told , but the ex-showroom price for the Honda small car is expected to be around Rs 5 Lakh. This, cost evidently says that this car is not meant to be any sort of ‘economy model’ but, makes it attractive for the premium lovers of small cars to go for it. The stylish car design and looks cover its cost perfectly. The body of Honda small car is aerodynamically designed. Even though it looks very compact, the inside cabin as spacious as it can be. The company assures a comfortable seating capacity for five adults.The Honda’s slogan of “Man Maximum – Machine Minimum “ definitely correlates with the manifestation of this concept car. Its internal engine, emission and other finer technology principles are fabricated at the Japan R&D center of Honda. This research support provides added assurance to the Honda customers about the upcoming launch of this model in India.

Honda New Small Car - Rear View
Honda New Small Car - Rear View

Honda New Small Car Price and More

Till now the cheapest Honda small car in the Indian automobile market is Honda Jazz, which has an ex-showroom cost of more than Rs. 7 Lakh. Due to high price the sales of this model itself is high. It seems may be Honda can make up more with this small car which is a little less cheap. The other cars coming under this segment are Hyundai i20, Maruti Swift, Skoda Fabia etc. The exact price for Honda small car will be released soon by the close of its launching date next year. Its expected to rise further as the tax and I other apparel setting cost are included.India Has been the hub for the compact car segment market study and external research on Honda’s New Small Concept to the world. With the booth concept of “Inspired by Dynamism- Truly Honda by Nature “ materialized with front forward Efficient Energetic Exterior and cutting –edge design the Honda Small Car is defined to make everyone want it for a drive.

Waiting silently to be driven wild!
Waiting silently to be driven wild!

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    • profile image

      Pranjal 6 years ago

      So nice it is

    • profile image

      vijay kumar 6 years ago

      Wow............i am want love honda cars brio... there are idea that car... all the best thums

    • profile image

      Subhash 6 years ago

      Not worth to buy if it is priced more than 4Lakh.

    • profile image

      Rajiv Ranjan 6 years ago

      I like to purchase by today with delivery, not by tomorrow.

    • profile image

      James 6 years ago

      I love Honda cars. The new designs are coming along quite nicely. I hope they improve their hybrid models

    • profile image

      Tushar Acharya 6 years ago

      Honda cars are inventing small car according to the need and the possibilities of the consumer. I am too using Honda for at least 8 years and still i can say i ejoy the ride :)