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Honda Shadow 750 Aero

Updated on November 6, 2013

The Aero, my very first bike

Altough I had this dream for a long time, only in 2005 I got my driving license and bought my fist bike, the Honda Shadow VT750 Aero.

I used for for my everyday commuting to work, but also for some weekend trips: Alentejo, Algarve, North, but also to the Spain: Sevilla to the South and Galicia to the North.

I sold it November 2008 and got a second hand deal on a BMW F800ST

But before that, I have quite a few things for you...

Accessories » K&N Filter

One of the first add-ons to my Aero: a brand new K&N air filter! After reading a few specialty foruns, I found out that not only it would improve the bike's performance, but also change the way it sounded.

In terms of MPG I didn't measure if there was any change, but the sound was definately better and the throttle response as well.

Instalation was super easy, just remove the teardrop cover, remove original and install the K&N filter ;-)

Recommended! :-)

Mapam's sissy bar for the Aero
Mapam's sissy bar for the Aero
Rear luggage rack
Rear luggage rack

Accessories » Sissy bar

Saw a few models and my choice fell upon Mapam's sissy bar. 

Affordable, clean chrome look and confortable pad. Until I sold the bike, only the pad showed a bit of wear on the stitches. Which is normal since it was not real leather, but besides that, it looked perfect! :-)

This is essential for everyone that wants to rider with a passenger, specially if you're thinking on long rides. Adds up 200% in comfort and security.

Also bought the rear luggage rack, which helps to safely transport any extra or bigger luggage that do not fit on the saddlebags!

Highly recommended!

Accessories » Chrome radiator cover

This accessory really gives a different look to the bike and takes a way a little of the factory black plastic look ;-)

Bought a simple model from Bikercom, with the Honda's 'H' cutout. Instalation wasn't that simple: upper screws went swell, but the Aero doesn't have a lower support for this cover, so I ended up drilling a hole on the original cover to get it fixed. After that, didn't budge anymore ;-)


Kuryakyn's deep dish bezels
Kuryakyn's deep dish bezels

Accessories » Kuryakyn turnsignals

IMHO, this is one of the best accessories you can buy for your Aero! They make the bike look SO much better and stylish, without those four big orange things coming out of the bike ;-)

Kuryakyn has some really great accessories for cruisers. Some of them are a bit expensive, but others have just the right price for the style they add to your bike ;-)

I chose the Deep Dish Bezels with colored lenses, but there is also the possibility of getting the smoked ones which include the colored bulbs.

Instalation is easy, just unscrew the factory ones and replace with these beauties!!

Completely recommended!!

Saddlebag supports
Saddlebag supports

Accessories » saddlebag supports

Bought the ones from Mapam as well.

Great look and finish!

This brand doesn't have alot of stuff for the Aero, but the accessories it has are really value for money!


Accessories » Chrome Fender 'Aero' emblems

This is the second best piece of hardware I bought for my Aero! They look astonishing on the bike!
There are different models available: Aero, Boulevard, Classic

Needless to say, be sure to test the placement before peeling the paper, needless to say!

Highly recommended!

Accessories » Chrome horn cover

Nice piece of chrome!
Attaches directly over the OEM horn and complements nicely with the radiator cover

Acessories » Headlight visor

Looks really great on the bike! Gives it a more retro look ;-) I found the installation to be very easy despite the comments I read about it: unscrew the two bolts on each side of the headlight and then the three bolts on the inside.
After that, just bend the two metal points in the visor, insert it inside the round frame (aply a bit of pressure, but not too much) and that's it! Put everything back in place and you're good to go!! :)

Mod » Punching the stock muffler

(Almost) every biker loves to hear the sound of his bike, specially if it's a cruiser/custom, and he/she spends a whole lot of time trying to get it to sound better ;-)

Not happy with the sound change from the K&N filter, I wanted a deep sound in my Aero, something that would make her drift away from the japanese-bike-sound to a man's-bike sound ;-)

Checking the Shadow Aero Forum, I saw a nice and simple mod to make it sound great: punch the stock muffler, according to some instructions. This had the advantage of being 'customized' by varying the diametre of the drills used.

This was the final result! ;-)

Check the VTX handlebar ;)

Looking for OEM parts for you Honda?

If your looking to save a few (sometimes a lot) bucks repairing your bike, instead of taking her to the shop, there are a lot of things you can do/replace at home.

I replaced a few parts in my Aero that weren't still working, but were a bit damaged (most by use). BikeBandit has it all, all the models, all the years, all the parts :-)

Just go to the website choose the year/model of your bike and go through the different schematics available. You can create a whishlist or place them directly in your cart. This way, you know exactly what you need, what you are buying and how much it costs!

One of the things I always disliked on the Aero was the handlebar, but I loved the one on the VTX1300! Easy! Went to the VTX section, found the risers and the bar! The Aero looked much nicer with the new handlebar :-)

Is aftermarket your middle name?

Apart from the handlebar, all the other accessories I put on the Aero were aftermarket pieces from various brands. And better than a cruiser is full customized cruiser with your favourite accessories. You can find air & intake accessories, electrical stuff, seats & sissy bars, customized body parts & fenders, various exhaust possibilities, windshields and luggage!


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    • RedLimeade profile image

      RedLimeade 7 years ago from Utah

      Love this Hub and love this bike! Do you know anything about the 2003 year? I am trying to find out what the best year for honda shadows is. Thanks!