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How to clean your tires and rims, and keep them clean

Updated on January 25, 2012

The products

Your tires are something that you have to keep in good shape, so why not make them look good too. This guide will help you whether you have standard rims, custom rims, old tires, new tires. To follow this guide you need three products ( can use others but this is what i use and this is what works best), keep in mind that i have tried every tire cleaner, and tire shine pretty much on the market, so i know which one works best, and that what i will have you use. The first product is " armor all wheel cleaner " it comes in a gray, white, or red(extreme) bottle. IT is a very well made product, and can be used on ALL rims, chrome, or alloy, and will not harm the surface, and there are a few different ways you can apply it( ill talk about that later) The next product is " Armor all extreme tire shine " this comes in two bottles, one with a cap on top and some without the cap/cover on top, either one is fine as long as it is the extreme version. The last item you will need is shop towels. Shop towels are much better for cleaning your car simply for the fact they do not break up like paper towels, they are much thicker, and well are made for cars. They are great for detailing, or drying, or cleaning your car.

Now on to how you should clean your tires.

Cleaning the tires

So some steps can vary but i will give you the steps that will make your rims look as best as they can. I will attach a pic of my rims/tires after i cleaned them as well. So anyway the best way to clean your tires.

1 - The first step is going to be your tires. Some think you need to scrub your tires, but this is not necessary. Take the armor all tire shine extreme, and spray the tires, if you have low profile tires like me this will be easy step. If you have the bigger tires that come standard, with standard rims, this will take a little longer. There is no need to wipe, or anything, just apply a coat and in about 5 minutes depending on the thickness of the coat this will dry. The reason i have you do this step first is because every time you do this, it is nearly impossible not to accidentally to spray your rims, and since we haven't cleaned them yet it is good to do this as a first step.

2 - Now onto the rims. This is where you will use your armor all wheel cleaner, and your shop towels. The bottle will say to spray the liquid onto the rims, and clean, although i have found this method does not work as well as mine. Take your shop towels and fold it in half, then fold that in half, so you should have about a 4 inch, by 4 inch square. Spray the armor all directly onto the towel, slowly so instead of foaming, it will just make the towel wet with liquid, it will foam if you squeeze the trigger to hard, which isn't bad but it will create more of a mess. Then clean your rims, making sure not to miss any part of the rims. Now after you have cleaned it, dry the rims, and wipe them not leaving any wet armor all on the tires. Now your rims should be fairly clean and so should your tires.

3 - By now after you have done all 4 tires, the armor all shine should have dried, This is when i would apply another coat, i apply 2 coats because i enjoy my rims looking wet, and like they are brand new. A second step is not necessary but i do suggest it. Now after you have applied the second coat, take a single shop towel and wipe any area of the rims that you have gotten tire shine onto, it will not hurt the rims, but if there clean it will leave marks, so i suggest wiping them off.

Well there you have it, your rims should be nice and clean and so should your tires. As i said before there are many brand and products that work but these are the ones that i suggest using. Not only do they work the best but compared to the rest they are fair priced. Also some companies say they offer products that will protect your tires from brake dust and it won't stick or you won't have to clean your rims again, I've tried these products and they didn't work for me, so i would say its better not to use them. As i said, i will attach a pic of my rims, cleaned, and will show the products i use, please feel free to comment or message with questions.

Here is a picture of the rims freshly cleaned.
Here is a picture of the rims freshly cleaned.


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