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How Technology Can Help and Hurt Commuters - Distracted Driving 101

Updated on May 17, 2017
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Michael Ehline is a prolific author on consumer awareness and safety.

Michael Ehline - U.S. Supreme Court

Michael Ehline at ICV hearings 2017. Washington DC.
Michael Ehline at ICV hearings 2017. Washington DC. | Source

Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Vehicles and Technology

Technology and Distracted Driving

Every year things change in the way people drive. Today distracted driving because of cell phones and text messages. Decades ago, an eight-track tape player in cars. After that cruise control features. Fifty years ago drivers may not have the same distraction by auto features, but still, collisions happened. One thing about car crashes is some people harmed never get over the injuries. While they may not need to continuous treatment for decades, the damage can be deadly.

Newspaper Article

Case in point an article that appeared some time ago in the Allentown Morning Call, a southern Pennsylvania newspaper upon the death of a former crash victim. The newspaper article involved the death of a man who at eight years old a car hit him fifty years earlier. At the time, the 8-year-old suffered two broken legs and severe head trauma. The year was 1965 and the injuries from the car crash directly contributed to his death decades later. There are plenty of other examples of head injuries in the NFL that led to suicides.

San Diego Chargers star, Junior Seau comes to mind. So the same type of violent shaking in a car wreck occurs when a person gets tackled. But for car accident victims, there is always a risk of friction burns, serious lacerations, and even blindness from shrapnel. People harmed in car crashes often require lifetime treatment. Also, this is a good reason why Michael Ehline says victims should have an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer that understands personal injury laws. Furthermore, this is the only way to ensure getting the maximum settlement or court award.

Long-Term Injury

Furthermore, the Los Angeles lawyer, Michael Ehline says long-term injuries and side effects are not uncommon after a bad crash. Treatment is costly and the attorney's job to ensure the victim can afford the treatment and operations necessary. The medical field is still doing research on the long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries that can happen in auto accidents and other mishaps.

So this is the kind of harm that victims may have sensory and memory loss even decades after the event. It is important to get enough to cover future treatments for a head trauma. The lawyer needs to seek medical understanding along with their legal knowledge to prepare a case. Even a minor crash can have long lasting harm. Some injuries may not be apparent for a length of time, even months or years after the crash.

So victims need to understand that these injuries could travel with them for life. Accepting any paltry settlement amount is not the best plan of attack. So victims need to get proper representation for their personal injury cases immediately. Because of this, they can make sure there is money for pain-killers and other necessities to live with these permanent, physical ailments. Most of all, this is the path that assures a victory for the car accident victim.

Post Car Accident Procedure


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