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How To Change Your Own Brake Pads/Disk Brakes and Save Money

Updated on April 25, 2012

Changing brake pads

Changing front brake pads/disk brakes on your vehicle is a very easy job to do. You don't need to have expensive or fancy tools to get the job done. All you need is a MM socket or a star socket, big screw driver,C-clam, jack and jack stands and new brake pads .

To get started jack the vehicle up and put it on the stands safely.Be sure to place the jack stands under the frame. Remove the wheel,Remove the brake caliper ( some calipers take a different tool either a mm socket or a star socket).Remove the pads from the caliper.

Removing the caliper

To remove the brake caliper is not that hard to do if you know a little trick. Loosen the pins on the caliper . Loosen enough so the caliper has some play. With your big screw driver stick it in front between the brake pad and caliper .With the screw driver pry the brake pad towards the rotor far as you can. Doing this will push the push rod in on the caliper so you can remove the caliper from the rotor and be able to replace the new brake pads .with that done loosen the pins and remove them.Remove the caliper . Now remove the pads from the caliper .Look at the rotor to see if it has any deep gouges if so it has to be replace or the new brake pads will be ate up by the rotor .(Its a good idea to replace the rotor when replacing the brake pads ).

star socket
star socket
mm socket
mm socket

Replacing caliper and brake pads

Before you put the new brake pads in.Check and see if the push rod on the caliper is in all the way.(Its the round hole were the old brake pad were). That has to be in all the way or the caliper wont go on the rotor with the new brake pads. If not take the c-clamp and the old brake pad and push it in. Using the old pad will help from harming the push rod by the c-clamp. Insert the new pads into the caliper.Put the caliper on the rotor Aline the caliper and put the pins in and tighten.

Caution: Before driving or starting the vehicle pump the brake petal a few times and check the brake fluid level and pump the petal again.


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