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Solutions to Car Problem by Detecting an Overheating Engine While Driving

Updated on July 3, 2017
Car problem, vibrating sound while running is overheating
Car problem, vibrating sound while running is overheating | Source

Driver's routing to always check the car engine

This is how to detect an overheating engine while driving.

It is not easy having stranded along the road when your car overheats. I am very excited to share a simple yet very helpful experience. In this hub, I will start to discuss from the very beginning.

You, as a driver should always do the check up each and every ride you take on your car. I guess you will agree with me. This is for your security and your safety.

The SOP or the standard operating procedure for every driver should be strictly implemented.

There are few basic things you need to check properly before riding your horse, I mean your car.

You need to check your tires first. Next, I checked the brake systems starting from the brake pedal to the brake discs and listened for strange noise.

There was nothing. All parts were fine. Then, I look for fluid leakage around the engine compartment and under my car, all auto parts were fine.

I continued checking on radiator tank area. I found out that the radiator reservoir tank is almost empty. I was asking why my uncle who used this car last week did not refill water to radiator reservoir tank since this is very important in the cooling system of the car engine. I poured a lot of water to fill in the tank until in FULL marker of the radiator reservoir tank. I was relieved to know that it was indeed full again with water.

I also checked the wiper reservoir tank and found out that there was only half of the water of the tank. I refilled it with wiper reservoir tank fluid.

Next thing, I checked the lighting system. The lights were functioning well.

Now, ready to go...

I was ready to go, took my family and friends and ride on.

All things went normally.

As an ordinary driver of years of experience I am confident I have also two years in automotive study.

We rode normally, dropped by to the gas station along the way and bought the most flammable fuel type of gasoline, not the regular type gasoline.

Vibrating sound while accelerating is a smoking radiator tank, engine is overheating, the solution
Vibrating sound while accelerating is a smoking radiator tank, engine is overheating, the solution | Source

What went wrong?

Along the way, my family was having this funny conversation when suddenly I heard a vibrating noise right after I hit a road hump. I did not want to let my family drew their attention if I speak about that little vibration.

I just thought, if something will happen I hoped we will be just in our destination or nearer.

What happened was that, if I pedal the accelerator deeper, it gave more vibrations. If I press a little there were no vibrations. The vibrations were getting frequent.

What was the main trouble?

And this is how to detect an overheating engine while driving.

About four kilometers from the start of vibration, the car stopped and everyone was stunned.

We smelled something like a rubber or burned material.

Everyone went out. I started the engine again but nothing happened.

It did not start and the temperature indicator was pointing on the red area.

Then, I opened the hood to check for the problem. The area of the carburetor and the manifolds were smoking with a burning smell.

Engine overheating! (Exclaimed myself) I wondered what happened because I was very sure I have checked the cooling system and poured out water in the radiator reservoir tank.

I opened the radiator reservoir tank and the water was still full. I was very confused of the problem.

I rely on the reservoir tank which was still full and the only automotive parts that sufficiently support the radiator tank for cooling the entire engine block.

I was thinking maybe the high flammable gasoline might have heated the engine too much but I canceled the idea because I have been using the same type of gasoline.

I waited a while to let the engine cool down. I started and failed but after 15 min. it started again. I was relief.

My family came back inside the car but the car again stopped with engine down about few meters.

Solution to the problem

As you can see on the photo above, I found out that the radiator reservoir tank has a small hole.

I did rely on that tank to supply water to the radiator tank itself but because of the hole, there was no vacuum inside, which means that the radiator tank cannot draw water from the reservoir because of the hole.

I encircled the hole in the radiator reservoir tank on the photo I posted on the top.

In my many years of experience, I have not expected that a simple problem of your engine could ruin your whole day. With only a small hole, my car got into big trouble.

How to find the solution if car overheats

1. What I did is that I took rags, rinsed them with water and placed it in the radiator cap and carefully and cautiously twist and remove it from the radiator tank.

(Careful of this because the radiator cap may hit you from the bursting hot pressure from the super hot radiator tank.)

And then, I waited about 10 minutes and tried to start the engine.

2. In the photo on the top, you can see the radiator opening without the radiator cap and the evaporation of water is seen like smoking.

While the engine is running, this is a good time to refill water unto the tank. Never attempt to pour water unto the tank when engine is idle, the engine should be running first before filling water.

This time, I poured about 2 gallons of water unto the radiator tank. Oh my! My engine was thirsty indeed.

3. After the radiator tank was refilled, I placed the cap and closed the hood.

Engine Overheating Problem - Defective Radiator reservoir tank, don't  rely on it if it has a hole.
Engine Overheating Problem - Defective Radiator reservoir tank, don't rely on it if it has a hole. | Source


Problem solved and we reached our destination.

I simply agree the fact that no matter how prepared you are, things happen and that you have to be ready to face any kind of circumstances.

The thing is, never trust your knowledge and experience. Explore more and you can find more answers and better answers.

Now, this is how to detect an overheating engine while driving.

What is your common car problem white on the road?

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    • Mark Johann profile image

      Mark Johann 4 years ago from Italy

      Hi there,

      Our stories are quite similar. Thanks for sharing. Never let your car trouble you. Make a checklist every ride.

      The red signal on the temperature gauge indicates very hot engine. Keep on watch.

    • Tinsky profile image

      Tina Dubinsky 4 years ago from Brisbane, Australia

      Hi Mark,

      I like your tips! Might have to print this out for Hubby as neither of us are very car minded. We have a car, it goes, and that's about all we know. We had a different car once (it was a car I had from work) and I knew nothing about how to upkeep it. My boss let me use it for personal use as well and on our honeymoon, we were about 40 minutes into the trip when the engine overheated. I noticed not because of the engine stopped but because a light came on advising me it was overheating. Luckily we had roadside assistance who came to our aid and advised us of what was wrong and what to do in future. He thought we may have needed more repairs, but after giving the car a drink, we were able to get to our honeymoon destination and never had another issue with it. (whew!)

    • Mark Johann profile image

      Mark Johann 4 years ago from Italy

      Hi ContiveIT,

      Indeed, my friend, I strongly agree with you. Little problems could turn into bigger ones if not attended earlier. Hearing strange sound from your engine implies something bad on your engine.

    • ContriveIT profile image

      Contrive I.T. 4 years ago from Metairie, LA.

      I know a few people who didn't know the tell-tale signs and ended up blowing their motor. This is not only big dent in your wallet but a fire hazard to your life. Good info!