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The Bently Car - The Ultimate Driving Experience

Updated on December 14, 2013
Seal driving a Bentley
Seal driving a Bentley

Bentley Interior

The Bentley Car - Ultimate Driving Experience

The Bentley car may be out of most of our reach but we sure can fantasize. If I dream of cars, a Bentley would surely be what I dream about. This car is exclusive and exquisite in design and performance. The look and feel of the classical beauty of the exterior is only complimented with the lush and luxurious interior. The Bentley is meant to cruise but it is fully capable of handling high speed.

The speed of 200 mph in this 12 cylinder luxurious ride is a rush and one of a kind experience. A vehicle that can go 60 mph in 4.5 seconds makes Driving a Bentley luxury car is quiet an experience. First and foremost the Bentley is more superior in performance and appeal inside and out. The performance is second to none.

The body is structured to feel like a solid carved work of steel art with flowing classic lines, parts and amenities. What ever you see it is so, for instance if you see a walnut inlay or burnish aluminum it is just that. Everything about this glorious machine is authentic.

The taut steering makes a Bentley more responsive than most luxury cars. The hand built engine allows this fine vehicle to make you feel as if this ride was altered just for you as you become second nature with this experience.

However, when driving for the first time you should take great precautions by becoming experienced with the powerful engine in a less populated area. Let only an experienced driver take this car into crowded city areas. After all this is a $200,000 + state of the art masterpiece. If you are a connoisseur of fine vehicles you will appreciate this.

  • Double pane windows to eliminate outside sound.
  • Precision interior design for comfort and functionality.

The Bentley Continental GT V8 Car

We all can't afford a luxury car but why can't we dream, you never know. I believe we all have to be well versed in what we really want out of life. This way you will be prepared when your opportunities arrive. I don't imagine everyone with a Bentley knew they would one day own or drive one. But I do know they had a big dream. We tend to go where our mind takes us. What are you thinking?

Just Keeping It Real About Driving The Bentley Car-What You Really Want

What we really want out of any expensive luxury vehicles is the attention, respect, and jaw dropping awe. If this exquisite intoxicating car doesn't make you feel hypnotized you into a mental superior state go to the nearest ER. You are instantly transformed into a god or goddess being on earth. And if price is no object this is the vehicle for you.

  • Sexy
  • Hot
  • Exclusive
  • Elegant
  • Superior

Writing this hub is my way of becoming more intimately acquainted with "The Bentley Car". Not many cars stick in my mind like this luxurious vehicle. In my best fantasy I will be driven to my affairs in my Bentley. But I will settle for a test drive with a professional for a day trip. OK, for 30 minutes. I am by no means materialistic, but, we all can have our fantasies. Driving or riding in a Bentley is mine. Thank you for reading. What is your fantasy car?


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