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How To Get A Deal on The Roketa Gas or Electric Moped Scooter(Crotch Rocket Moped)

Updated on August 9, 2010

Save Gas Money with a 250cc moped or a 150cc moped

So here is the newest moped to hit the market and I would have to say that are quite cool. Their a moped but look like a crotch rocket or a sporty bike. Some states don't make you even register them like mopeds because some states don't require you to license mopeds. These even go faster than most mopeds the 150 cc rocketa goes 65mph and gets 80mpg. That is awesome check them out down below.

Perfect Electric Scooter

The first scooter I like is the electric scooter and this is great because you use no gas and because the Scooter Moped is classified as a power-assisted bicycle, you do not need a driver's license to ride the bike on the street. The electric bicycle does not have to be registered with the DMV,but check your states laws. The scooter starts with a key and a variable speed control twist throttle. The scooter is also has a kickstand, cargo rack,tool kit, multiple storage and a large area below the seat with two compartments, a large trunk, and a small area near the key.  It goes 20 mph which is great for a scooter. You can also ride up to 2 people on the scooter and you get 25-30 miles per charge don't worry if you run out of battery because you can equip the pedals and get home like that. It's equipped with lights fron, back and brake, a speedometer also some stats on the bike.

  • Length wheel to wheel: 57 inches
  • Maximum width: 25 inches
  • Seat height: 31 inches
  • Scooter weight: 176 pounds

2007 Scooter 150cc Moped Motorcycle 85 MPG Brand New

This Scooter is from ScooterDepotUs and they are having a blow out sale of these because of the popularity of them from recently. So jump on your chance to buy one at this good deal. I bought mine for $1,899.98 so this is a great deal. The engine is a150cc, Single cylinder, 4 stroke

  • Kick/Electric Start
  • Available in 5 Colors (Black, Silver, Blue, Yellow, Red)
  • Dimensions Approx: 73"x27"x46"

It's made by milano which is a great scooter place. It comes with a12 Months warranty, Fully Preassembled,Lifetime Technical Support a High Performance Aluminum Exhaust System,Rims and Handlebar a Aluminum All Weather Grip Floor Mats,Anti-thief Alarm Premium Oversize Rear Luggage Trunk (Lockable),& Remote Start System a High Performance Front ABS Brake and rear Disc Brake,Owner's Manual Handbook/ Tool Kit a Residential Service,Lift gate Service,Shipping Insurance,24 Hours Delivery Notification.

Gas Motor Scooter "The Voyager" 250cc Moped Scooter

This Scooter The Voyager is a great moped.The engine is a 4-stroke, single cylinder, water cooled. it can carry a max weight of 352 lbs. This is a great little bike with all the sporty looks of all other bikes but for a tenth the price. This scooter being a 250cc gets a max mph of about 80mph and about 68-70 mpg which is incredible and very gas efficient. With gas prices the way they are you should grab a 150cc or a 250 cc moped.


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