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How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Car

Updated on April 29, 2013
by dennior
by dennior | Source

Smoker's Nightmare

You like to smoke, but you hate that smoke smell that stays in your car. Now what? You have tried a few methods to get rid of it, but they do not work. Plus, you do not want to pay top dollar to get professional auto detailers to clean your car. I am going to give you a few methods to get the smoke smell out of your car:

  • Commercial methods
  • Do it yourself(DIY) methods
  • Replacing car parts

Each of these methods should be able to help depending on how strong the smoke smell is.

Commercial Methods to Get Rid of Car Smoke Odor

Here are some commercial products that can help with removing smoke smell from your car.

Can Style Air Fresheners

This type of freshener is great to get rid of smoke smell. At first, it will mask the smoke smell. However, if you leave it there long enough, the air freshener's smell will be there as an undertone. Over the long run, it will cover the smell of smoke.

Spray Fresheners

Spray fresheners has an immediate effect on the smell of your car. Once you spray them on your car, the smell takes over the odor of the car. However, not all spray fresheners can take away the smoke odor for too long. What you want to do is to spray them on your car seats or any fabric areas to let the fresh smell soak into it. This allows the freshener to stay longer, hence getting rid of the smoke smell.

Oil Diffuser Air Fresheners

This type of air freshener is great for removing smoke odors. You stick them in the air condition air vents. The diffuser has fragrance oils that are pushed through the air conditioner to spread the fragrance inside the car. You can also control the strength of the scent by adjusting the diffuser. This is a very handy when it comes to making your car smell good all the time. They are a little pricey though.

by Hikapo
by Hikapo | Source

Do It Yourself Methods - Using Elbow Grease

If you do not feel like spending any money to try to remove smoke smell from your car, then you will have to put it some time and effort to really get rid it.

If you are a light smoker, these methods below could be able to clear it:

Vacuum - Vacuum your car in tight areas where you suspect cigarette dust could be left behind.

Baking Soda - Sprinkle baking soda over your car seats, mats and any other areas that could emit smoke odor. Leave the baking soda overnight and vacuum the car the next day.

Air It Out - Open your car doors for a few hours and let the smell get out of your car.

Charcoal - Believe it or not, charcoal can help absorb the smoke smell. Leave some charcoal in your car overnight and take them out after.

Orange Peels - Put orange peels in tight areas of the car. Put them in there not just for a day, but for a FEW WEEKS.

Ammonia - Ammonia can fight off smoke smell. Leave some overnight in a small bowl inside the car. Remember to take it out after, otherwise any spills on your car will worsen the situation.

Coffee Grounds - Just make sure you put them in a paper filter so they do not spill on your car. Leave them overnight in suspecting areas of smoke odor.

Newspapers - Someone has done this, although I think its unique, I figured I put it down here. Crinkle newspapers and leave them overnight.

If the above methods do not work, then...

Time to Deep Clean Car Parts

Here are the car parts you should focus on when deep cleaning:

  • Car Mats - Take them out and vacuum it thoroughly.
  • Air Vents - Clean them with cloth using highly diluted cleaner like Lysol
  • Car Air Filters - Clean them out.
  • Car Windows - Clean them with Windex.
  • Car Seats - Rub seats with disinfectant spray.
  • Car Ashtray - Clean it and wash it.

If these DIY methods do not work, then there is only one other solution left...

by Auto-Glyn
by Auto-Glyn | Source

Get Professional Auto Detailers to Do the Job

The professional auto detailers can do the job of removing the smoke odor from your car for a nice fee. They usually use ozone generators to remove the smoke smell. The advantage of getting your car serviced in auto detailers is that they have the proper chemicals and tools to get the job done quickly. You get to relax and sit back till your car is ready. Of course, that comes at the price of money.

These are some methods on how to get smoke smell out of your car. Try all of it!


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