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How To Install Mirror Relocation Brackets on a Jeep Wrangler JK

Updated on June 6, 2014

Before You Install the Bracket Kit

There are a couple of things to make sure you do before you install the bracket kit on your Jeep Wrangler JK.

  1. First make sure you want to remove the doors and you have a good safe place to store them.
  2. Make sure it is legal to remove the doors in your State.
  3. Make sure it is safe to remove the doors. Remember with the doors removed you are more exposed. It is best not to have small children in a vehicle with the doors removed. Just be mindful of the safety issues with the doors removed. Better safe then sorry.
  4. Make sure you have all the parts and tools ready before you start to install the kit.

Basically you should have the mirror relocation brackets, two shims and two door hole covers.

Jeep Wrangler JK mirrors mounted on the doors.
Jeep Wrangler JK mirrors mounted on the doors. | Source

The Installation Process

  • Again please look into the kit and make sure everything you need is there. Read through these instructions so you make sure you have all the tools you need ready and at hand.
  • Underneath the mirror there is a bolt that you need to loosen. This is generally a torx style bolt so you will need a spacial torx head socket to remove it. Carefully loosen the bolt a little and make sure you DO NOT remove it all the way. This bolt attaches the bracket to the mirror. Now that the bolt is loose you can tap on it gently to loosen the mirror. Once the mirror is loosened then remove the torx bolt entirely. Do not let go of the mirror because if it drops it may break. Once the bolt is out remove the mirror from the bracket and set aside. PLEASE BE CAREFUL as the mirror is made of glass and you can damage it easily. A replacement mirror is costly.
  • Now on the inside of the door panel there are torx bolts that are holding the bracket to the door. Roll down the window. Loosen the bolts but do not remove them. Grab the bracket and remove the bolts. This will make sure you don't drop the bracket and damage anything. Set the bracket in a storage place with all removed hardware so you can re-install when you put the doors back on.
  • Use the included plug or filler plate that came with your kit to plug the holes in the door. There are two different sized posts and the shorter post goes towards the top. Use the stock bolts you just removed to install the filler plate and tighten them. Be careful not to over tighten them.
  • Now on the side of the vehicle there are two bolts on the side that hold the windshield bracket on. Remove those two bolts and take them completely out.
  • Take the new brackets from the kit and install them using the removed factory bolts from the windshield brackets. Do not tighten them all the way. Make sure they are correctly orientated and they do not interfere with any of the other body parts on the Jeep. Then tighten them till they are seated securely.
  • Included in your kit should be some shims to be used on all models 2008 and newer. This will make sure that the fit is snug.
  • Take the mirror and position it at the top of the bracket and put the bolt through the bottom and install the mirror. Do not tighten the bolt completely until you have checked the orientation of the mirror and that it is correct for your viewing.
  • When the mirror is correctly positioned hold it in place and tighten the bolt. DO NOT over-tighten or you may strip the threads.
  • Do a little test drive and check to see if the mirrors are at the proper viewing angle and adjust as needed. Check all the bolts to make sure they are tight and check again after 150 miles.

Then head off-road, or cruise around town with the doors off and enjoy the breeze in your open air Jeep Wrangler JK.

Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon gives you tried-and-true freedom so you can begin with the end in mind.

Be sure to follow all instructions in Owner’s Manual for removal of top, doors and lowering of windshield. Driving with the doors off and windshield down is for off-road use only.
Be sure to follow all instructions in Owner’s Manual for removal of top, doors and lowering of windshield. Driving with the doors off and windshield down is for off-road use only. | Source

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