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How To Mend A Punctured Tube

Updated on July 7, 2015

How To Mend A Punctured Tube


How To Mend A Punctured Tube

Bicycles became a hot cake after riding a motorcycle on varies major roads in Lagos Nigeria was ban as a result of frequent motorcyclist accidents on the roads. Almost everywhere you look; you would see people riding a bicycle.

A good number of people enjoy riding bicycle for various reasons; it saves time, saves you some bucks of money which you could have spent on transport.

Another cause others ride a bicycle could be to use it as a means of work out, yes it is an awesome way to work out or it could just be for fun. Whichever motive you might have for riding a bicycle, the good thing is that it is generally healthy for your body. Perhaps you need to buy some stuff from a grocery store, instead of taking your car to a grocery store; it would be of a great benefit for you to take a ride on your bicycle.

Okay now, you just find out that one of the tyres of your bicycle has been punctured, and thinking of taking it to a bicycle repairer to mend it for you. You don’t have to go to an engineer anymore as I am going to teach you how to do it yourself and save some cash.

Step by Step on How to Mend A Punctured Tube

Well, in order to mend a punctured tube, firstly you have to remove the wheel, tyre and the inner tube from the bicycle. Afterwards, inflate or pump up the tube to find out the exact position of the puncture.

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to locate the area where the tyre was punctured. Mostly it depends on what punctured the tyre, nail, sharp or pointed stone, piece of bottle etc. to ascertain the particular position of the puncture, after pumping the tyre, air would be coming out slow depending on the size of the hole. If it is very tiny it would just be coming out with a sound like shsssssssssssssss but if the size is big, you would feel the air blowing from the tyre.

How To Mend A Punctured Tube

A bicycle turned upside down in order to remove the punctured tube.
A bicycle turned upside down in order to remove the punctured tube. | Source
A bowl of water
A bowl of water | Source

How To Mend A Punctured Tube

A tube dipped into the water, to ascertain the exact position of the puncture.
A tube dipped into the water, to ascertain the exact position of the puncture. | Source

Pour water into a big bowl, dip the tyre into the bowl full of water, the punctured area is most likely to make some bubbling sound and also water would be leaking out from the punctured point.

Use a white coloured marker or a white chalk to make a cycle mark on the actual position of the puncture to avoid starting afresh looking for it when you are about to close it up.

Now that the position of the puncture has been found, the next step is to cut off a small piece of rubber from an unused or condemned one with which you would use to close or patch up the leakage. But for the two objects to adhere together, you should scrub the faces of both the puncture and that of piece of rubber cut, the reason you should scrub the faces of both the puncture and that of the piece of rubber cut is to enable the two objects to adhere together properly and firmly after applying solution.

Having scrubbed the faces of the two objects, apply solution to both. There are different solution that could be applied, you can use adhesive gum meant for stick, superglue is another option which you can use to gum the two objects together. Though there are other options but the ones mentioned are the most popular solution used in this particular situation.

Having applied the solution, leave them to dry for about ten minutes. After the ten minutes intervals, use the small piece of rubber to close up the puncture and when this is done, pump up the tube, and dip it into the water in a bowl plate again in order to know whether the pierced area has actually closed up the puncture. When you are now sure that the leakage has been properly closed up, deflates the air in the tube so as to enable you put it back into the tyre in the wheel easily.

How To Mend A Punctured Tube

How To Mend A Punctured Tube

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To make the process of putting back the tyre in the wheel to be much easier, turn the bicycle upside and allow the seat to be on the ground while the two wheels would be facing upwardly then put the tube back into the tyre before putting the tyre in the wheel, after which you will then pump the tyre and now the bicycle is good to go.

Turn back the bicycle and let it stand on its two wheels and then you have succeeded in mending your punctured tube.


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