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How To Repair & Prevent A Motorcycle Puncture

Updated on May 7, 2013

This is something I needed to know fast. I wasn't comfortable riding around knowing there was a nail in my tyre. I had already been riding around with just 8psi in my back tyre. The icing on the cake was that I had only bought my rear tyre a month ago! Luckily for me the nail was only a tiny one, rather than the humungus screws you can get lodged in your tyre. This still meant that air was escaping. I was out when I noticed my tyre was flat and I didn't have my can of tyre weld on me. So one easy nervous ride to the nearest petrol station and my tyre had new wind in it. The problem wasn't fixed though, I still needed to figure what I was going to do. I went and picked up my can of tyre weld, this didn't seal the puncture though and I thought my bike would be out of action until I could get the bike to a tyre fitters the following weekend, which was not an option as my bike is my only mode of transport. I've seen how they repair car tyre's and thought, well, I could get my rear tyre off but I've then got to repair the puncture and get the wheel back on straight and with the chain at the right tension. Hmmm I could cause more problems. I jumped on to youtube to see how people repair their punctures.

First up was the Tire Plug Kit . This way works by inserting the rubber sticky strips inside the tyre, where the puncture is and trimming off the excess. This is a temporary measure and the video I have added shows you how to repair a puncture using the rubber strips. Here is a basic step by step to install them.

Remove the screw or nail

Using the rasp tool, file the hole.

insert one of the rubber strips in to the split eye insertion needle making sure you have equal length on each side.

Insert the split eye needle in to the hole. This part can be tough. Try to leave a 3rd of the rubber strip poking out of the tyre.

Pull out the the split eye insertion needle.

This will leave you with a sealed puncture. Trim off the excess, some people melt the excess and smudge it over.

Re-inflate the tyre.

My Tyre being pumped up after the instal of some Globxx
My Tyre being pumped up after the instal of some Globxx
This stuff sealed a puncture, Globxx couldn't well worth the extra.
This stuff sealed a puncture, Globxx couldn't well worth the extra. | Source

This method is so simple and unbelievably works. There are many videos on youtube of people fixing punctures at the side of the road. The best repair kits come with CO2 cannisters so that you can re inflate your tyre. These CO2 cannisters are small and compact. If you use one of these kits always follow the manufacturers instructions.

These kits are great especially for punctures caused by large screws. My puncture was caused by a tiny nail maybe 1mm thick. I was reluctant to use the rubber strip method as I would need to enlarge the hole in order for it to work.

I remembered watching a motorcycle program years ago and they were filming at one of the Motorbike shows. They did this bit on a company that produced a motorbike tyre sealant that prevented punctures. They had a display wheel and tyre and whacked a 6 inch nail in to it and pulled it back out. The hole was instantaly sealed. I went on the search to see if this stuff was still made. I was happy to find that it was. The stuff goes by many names the most famous is Slime but there as some other variations one called Goop and the one I got, Globxx. This stuff works by removing the valve on you're tyre ( the end cap of the bottle also is a valve remover tool ) and pouring in the liquid in to the tyre. You then re insert the valve and inflate the tyre. Now this should be inserted in to your tyre before you get a puncture so that when you do it is instantly sealed. I still had the nail in my tyre so I still installed my Glob ( which took about 5 minutes to do! ) re inflated my tyre went for a short ride and then removed the nail. The moment of truth, some air was escaping I turned the wheel and it stopped I went for another short ride and the puncture was sealed!!! I was chuffed! my £150 tyre was saved.

I cannot rate my bottle of Glob enough I will also be installing this to my front tyre and any new tyre I ever buy. The one thing I will say is that although the bottle comes with its own valve remover, they're not great as the top spins so you have to use pure finger grip to undo the valve and at the side of the road in the pouring raining with greasy hands will be near on impossible to do so a valve remover tool is a wise investment. I hope this article has been helpful. I also hope that you're tyre isn't practically brand new like mine is so that the purchase of a new tyre isn't so painfull.


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