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Tips On How To Sell Your Car & Get The Price You Want

Updated on February 11, 2012

With a few simple techniques you can not only sell your car quickly but you may even get more than what you wanted for it. To some selling your car can be a daunting task, with the expectation of people kicking tyres and reving your motor hard on a sunday morning. Well this can all be avoided if you know a few tips when selling your car. People put very little effort in selling their car and wonder why they get honest john come round and offer them half the asking price. Now when you see a car that impress's you ( other than it being a Ferrari ) what is it that has probably made it stand out? More than likely it's that is nice and shiny. Cars never look good dirty even a Ferrari. So you need to make a few buying trigger tricks to make sure your potential buyer buys your car even if you don't accept their offer.

Right Here are the steps you need to take to sell your car.


Obviously you need to advertise your car but we'll come back to that a little bit later. First up you need to wash your car. Now you can do this yourself and do a much better job or you can take it to the local car wash and pay peanuts for a quick wash and hoover.

You should wash your car yourself to do an immaculate job you can also get the kids involved too.

What you'll need:

Bucket, Sponge, good wash and wax shampoo, alloy wheel cleaner ( even if you don't have alloys ) Tire foam/shine, hoover, fabric cleaner, glass cleaner ( an absolute must! ) Driveway cleaner ( only if you need it ) new mats ( compulsory! ), liquid wax, cloths, and a air freshner!

This little lot may set you back £30 or so, you may even have some of it already. You must do this, step one is the most important step to making sure you sell your quickly and getting the price you want for it. So give your car a pre rinse and give a wash with your wax shampoo, spray the alloy wheel cleaner on your wheels let in work in for a couple of minutes then wash off, give your car another quick clean going over any arears you may have missed. Clean your windows inside and out. Your car should be sparkling now, add your tyre foam to the tires no need to wipe off just let it do its job. Give the car very good hoover and add your new mats and pop the air freshner in. A few hours work but this could add a few hundred pounds the perceived value of your car.

* Now I accept no responsability for anyone who now wants now keep their car.

So your car is looking swish, now its time take good photos. and take quite a few. Note do not take photos where you just washed the car as there will be a wet patch on the floor make sure you move the car to somewhere else you want the buyer to think this is how the car always looks not because your selling it. Have a look at some photos on google of good photos of cars this will help the selling get your car in this pose. I've added a pic to help you. More pictures the better.

So step 2 is take some good phots. Preferably in the sun, not where you just washed the car and try and keep shadows out.

Step 3: Advertising. Now Ebay is probably the best to be honest these days, Auto Trader is good but dam expensive. So were going to go for Ebay and we're also going to list it in some classified internet sites like Gumtree ( free ) and loot ( not free ) So thats 3 different sources of traffic heading towards your advert ( Gauranteed to sell ) Use your best picture of the car as your main picture, the one that shows up in the search results. Now your description must be accurate and tell the potential buyer everything they need to know. Here is a list of what you must put in the description this will eliminate any honest Johns coming round trying to haggle on a non savy car seller, you are becoming an expert car seller.

Descripion musts!:

Exactley what car it is; Make, Model, Engine Size, Year.

Mileage: easy

Mod Cons: Sunrook (SR) Electric Windows (EW) Central Locking (CL) Remote Central Locking (RCL) security/Alarm ( and its catergory if it has one i.e CAT1 CAT2 ). Leather seats, Heated front screen, Air Conditioning, Power steering, CD Player, air bags.

Use whatever applies to your car.

Mot & Tax. When they expires ( Do not feel your helping anyone if you tell them how much tax costs, let them find that out themsleves )

Servivce History: Great if you've got it.

Any Work Done: This is only stuff that would save a potential money from havingto pay out for if they bought it.New - Brakes, Service,Cambelt, Tyres, Battery. Do not mention any work that could put someone off like new bonnet ( now this may have been because of a small dent but it could look to someone else that its been in an accident ) don't mention welding, thats underneath and doesn't sound great when trying to sell. They can look by all means when they come to view but mentionin it in the description open up the chance of being haggle for no reason. Cars over 10 years usually have some welding done to pass an MOT so its part of parcel of buying a used car.

Sell Sell Sell, Tell everyone how great the car is, how comfy it is what snazy paint its got and that its been a realiable car and you'll be sad to see it go. Don't tell people that youre going to buy xyz car or you need to sell to buy a new car. If your asked why your selling it just say it doens't get used very much and your looking to get something smaller or something like that.

Price: Put it clear in the advert how much you want for it. Put the up by a few hundred pounds to give yourself room to negotiate and not get any less than what you want for it.


You want £5000 for your car list it for £5500. You can put ONO in the ad ( Or Near Offer ) this means people will feel they could get it less but you've already accounted for that ;).

If someone says to you " What would you take for it? " Never ever give them a price!!!!! Reply " Make Me an Offer " !!!!! I can't stress this enough!!!!


The buyer knows the sale price is £5500 so lets say they ask you what you'll take for it and you say I'll take £5000. You have just dropped your own price of the car by £500!! They could then drop you even further by saying their offer on your £5000 offer! This is how you don't get what you want for a car.

This is how you do get what you want for a car. They say to you how much do you want for it. You say make me an offer and they come out with £4800, you say no way £5300 is the lowest i'll go. Now they could accept that and you have just bagged £300 more than what you wanted for it or they might come back with £5000 ( met in the middle of £4800 and £5300 ) and you can pretend you don't like but accept and you've got exactely what you want for it! Remember they think they got a deal as they''ve knocked you down but they haven't.

This is why when I sell cars for other people I tend to get more than what they origanally wanted for it by a good few hundred pounds which well covers my fee and puts extra money in my customers pocket. Its like chess you have to anticipate your buyers next move.

If you do get someone who won't budge on their offer and you won't except it let them go back home. Someonelse will always come along. Or you can always try to do the fake potential buyer phone call whilst someone is looking at the car but this is last resort. Just have a tx ready in your phone so you only have to push a discrete button to send saying "call me" to a freind obviously let them know before hand why your asking. You can answer it and simply say " Yeh I still have the car for sale but someones viewing it at the minute can I give you a call back in the next 15minutes or so" and leave it at that. That will hurry up your stubborn viewer.

Your description if worded right will only attract people that actually want to buy it making it easier to sell. If you spend very little effort cleaning and describing your car your opening yourself up to people coming to get a bargain.

If any Porsche, Ferrari,Ford, Mercedez, BMW dealerships are reading this and want to sell more cars you can contact me through Hubpages I can Upsell Cross Sell Down Sell too : D.


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