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How To Ship Car Wheels With Rims and Tires On

Updated on July 24, 2014

Why Are You Shipping Car Wheels?

You are probably shipping your wheels because like me, you want to sell your stock wheels so you can get better custom wheels. Selling your stock wheels can be tricky because unless you are selling them at a garage sale, or on Craigslist, you will probably need to ship your wheels to the person who buys them from you. Selling car wheels on Craigslist can be sketchy. Beware of the low ballers and tire kickers out there looking to rip you off so they can resell them for what you wanted to sell them for. You can sell them yourself right from your cell phone (computer at home). Ebay and Car Forums are the best options to sell your car wheels. Why? Because it's a larger market where supply meets demand, and if you have stock wheels in good shape, someone around the country would want to get their hands on them.

How To Ship Wheels

Cut the Box In Half
Cut the Box In Half | Source

Cover Rims with Dish Foam

Tape the Dish Foam to the Wheel Face
Tape the Dish Foam to the Wheel Face | Source

DIY Shipping Car Wheels

In order to ship car wheels you will have to be savvy with simple automotive tasks like pulling the wheels off your car. If you are unsure how to safely perform this task you may find tutorials elsewhere on HubPages. If you are still unsure how to remove your car wheels, then you probably shouldn't attempt to do it.

In Order to Ship Car Wheels you will need the following items from Home Depot:

  • 2 Medium Size Storage Boxes ($.69 each)
  • 50 Sheets of Dish Foam (roll for $6.97)
  • 1000 Feet Stretch Wrap ($4.97, 1000ft is the smallest size)
  • Packing Tape ($3.37 for a large roll, you only need 3ft of tape for 4 wheels)
  • 1 Razor Blade with 3 replaceable blades ($1.98)

If you have any of this stuff at home, great!

After Your Trip To Home Depot

I'm assuming you are all jazzed up and ready to work on this project so that you can ship your car wheels today! Now that you are back from Home Dumpo (I mean Home Depot), follow the next 10 easy steps and you will be ready to print your shipping labels to send your fancy car wheels off to the highest bidder!

Step 1. Lay your medium sized Home Depot box out flat. Cut the box in half.

Step 2. Open up the box after cutting it in half, and lay the cleaned wheel on top. Cut the box around the wheel to form a protective cardboard circle.

Step 3. Place at least 2 sheets of dish foam on the face of wheel and tape the dish foam to the tire so it doesn't move around.

Place Cardboard Over Dish Foam

Secure cardboard partitions over dish foam protective layer
Secure cardboard partitions over dish foam protective layer | Source

Packing Wrap Over Cardboard Layer

Wrap cardboard cut-outs with 100% recyclable packing wrap.  The tighter, the better.
Wrap cardboard cut-outs with 100% recyclable packing wrap. The tighter, the better. | Source

How to Properly Package Wheels for Shipping

Step 4. Secure the large circular cut-out piece of cardboard over the dish wrap to the face of the wheel. Cut excess material into partitions that will be used for back of wheel

Step 5. Use packing tape to secure the excess partitions in place for the back of wheel.

Step 6. Use 100% recyclable packing wrap to wrap the wheels and tires any way you want to. The tighter the packing wrap, the more secure & protected the wheel will be in transit.

Step 7. Repeat process three more times for your other wheels.

Step 8. Check out ShipNex Worldwide Express for the most cost effective shipping rates for car wheels. ShipNex is a shipping broker so your wheels will still be shipped via UPS, and quite magically you will pay less for shipping than if you went through UPS.

Step 9. Print shipping labels from ShipNex, attach to wheels & tires.

Step 10. Request pickup for $6 or drop off at the UPS store (ShipNex prints out a UPS label).

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