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How technology has changed the automible industry

Updated on June 6, 2012


The car buying experience has been forever changed with the invention of the Internet. The Internet has so much information out there available for consumers and it can be obtained in a matter of seconds. The availability of convenience is a luxury that we as Americans have become totally dependent upon. If we can't have something in a very timely manner, we become irritated and frustrated. Buying an automobile was once a daunting task that many people despised. The thought of the hours of looking, driving, and finally negotiating was not a desirable task for many people. The Internet has given consumers the ability to look at hundreds of vehicles from the comfort of their home or office which greatly diminishes the time that you will actually have to spend at a car dealership. Every major dealership has their entire inventory online with prices as well. This is an efficient way for the consumer and dealer to consummate a car deal. The Internet allows you to pick the car with all the features that you looking for on a vehicle and determine a price that you are willing to pay before you ever go to the dealership. Not only is this a good thing for the consumer it is good for the dealers as well because it allows the dealers to be more visible and move more inventory. Here are a few tips for consumers that are considering buying a new vehicle in the next couple months use all the available website when it comes to pricing and get as many quotes as you can. The new car market is very competitive and these dealers have large objective that they have to hit for the manufacturer. Edmund's is a website that I highly recommend when it comes to pricing if you are trying to determine how much your new vehicle is going to cost you. It gives you a realistic view of the actual cost of the vehicle that you may be interested in buying. The last and most important thing to do before you even begin the process is to get pre-qualified. You know will exactly how much your monthly payment is going to be and whether it fits into your budget or not. It also gives you leverage when you are actually at the dealership because they want the opportunity to finance the vehicle and may be able to give you a better rate which is a win win win situation for you. Like Charlie Sheen says " Winning Winning Winning" and good to luck to anybody that is in the car market right now and thanks for the Internet.


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    • profile image

      Brewster 6 years ago

      Nice article. Instead of calling it the devil-net, you have shown how the Internet can be very useful and informative to people. Especially people who are looking ti buy a new or use car.