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How to 5-Lug Your 1987-1993 Ford Mustang, the Cheap Way

Updated on August 4, 2017

The Fiery Stallion (

Fiery Stallion
Fiery Stallion

Everyone wants to 5-lug their pony, but you do not want to break the bank. The 1987 to 1993 Ford Mustangs are interchangeable with sn95 and newer model year Mustang parts. The cheapest way to 5-lug is to pull the parts off of a newer year car. This is not only a cost effective project; it makes for less expensive maintenance in the future. The 94-95 Mustang is a great donor car for this project. The suspension geometry is closer to the fox body than any other model year.

If you are looking for wheel and brake upgrades, this is the ticket! Getting started is easy. First, find a good donor car, which is a 1994 or 1995 Ford Mustang V-6 or GT with four wheel disc brakes. Some have ABS and some do not; either will work. The parts you need from the donor car: The 94-95 inner and outer tie rod ends, both front spindles, both front calipers with the caliper mounts and hoses. You will need to obtain brake line fitting adapters to change the newer calipers to the fox brake lines, which takes care of the front of the car.

The rear of the car will consist of using the rear axles from the donor, its rear backing plates, rear calipers, mounts, and calipers hoses. The rear will also require brake line adapters to fit the newer disk brake hoses to the factory steel lines on the fox. The axles on the 94-95 Mustang are longer than the stock axles in the fox body. The length change of the axles allowed for the use of tone rings on the axle for ABS equiped vehicles. You can use axles with or with out tone rings. Newer mustang wheel sizes and back spacing work well with this conversion.

You are almost ready to transform your pony into a four wheel disc 5-lug car. This modification will offer the chance for better upgrades in the future. The 5 lug brake kit can be upgraded for better performance by going with the Cobra 4 piston calipers on the front and Cobra calipers on the rear.

Since you will be changing the spindles on the front and installing the disc brake conversion on the rear, upgrading to the Cobra stuff is easy because all you need is the caliper mounts, rotors, and calipers from a Cobra to complete an upgrade on the sn95 brake conversion. The rotors and calipers from the Cobra will give your pony the extreme stopping power you've been looking for, and then some. You will need at least 17" wheels to clear calipers on the front if you upgrade to the Cobra 13" rotors and 4 Piston calipers. You will need to purchase a camber/caster kit and have the car aligned. With the wider stance and better brakes you'll love the way your old pony handles and brakes.

Happy Wrenching!

The Auto Tech


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      thanks thats what i needed to know.

    • T.D. Mitchell profile image

      T.D. Mitchell 

      9 years ago from Northern KY

      This is great info for the Mustang owner who doesn't want to spend a fortune. Thanks for posting this and I look forward to more articles on Mustangs. In this economy, I'm looking for all the money-saving ideas that I can get.

      Welcome to Hub Pages.

      Happy Hubbing!


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