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How to Change Spark Plugs on 2005 Toyota Corolla and Save Your Money and Time

Updated on January 14, 2014

Changing Spark Plugs for 2005 Toyota Corolla

If you know how to change spark plugs on 2005 Toyota Corolla, you can save a lot of money as it is a simple and do-it-yourself job that can be accomplished by yourself without taking your Corolla to your dealer. You must have the necessary tools and parts ready to do the job and this can be done within half an hour. Toyota Corolla is a wonderful car and it has 4 spark plugs and they have a definite span of life. Though Toyota recommends that these must be changed every 30 K miles it is very common to see that you can run your Corolla for over 50 K miles without any problems.

When the time comes for changing your spark plugs your engine begins misfiring, engine vibration increases, and you may feel a sudden reduction in power. Then you must understand all these are due to your malfunctioning of spark plugs and you must take immediate steps to change them. For this it is necessary for you to know how to change spark plugs on 2005 Toyota Corolla and you will be happy to find that it is very simple and can be done by any person with limited technical orientation.

Equipment Needed

Here is the guide that will help you change the Sparkplugs easily on your Toyota Corolla 2005 model.

The tools you need for this job are as follows:

  • Screwdriver
  • Ratchet
  • 5/8" deep set socket with magnet
  • Extension arm for socket
  • Gap gage
  • Leather work gloves
  • 10 mm socket w/small ratchet

Original Toyota Spark Plugs for your model- do not buy others as they are not reliable and may be too fragile to handle

2. remove electrical connectors
2. remove electrical connectors | Source
3. | Source
4. | Source
5. | Source


Once you have got all these go to your Corolla open the hood and secure it with the safety arm.

1. Remove the plastic cover by removing one 10mm cap nut and three 10 mm bolts that hold the engine cover.

2. Now gently disconnect the four coil boot plug- electrical connectors

3. Remove the bolts – 10mm that are holding the coil boot assemblies

4. Pull out ignition coil.

5. Now use the 5/8” Socket on the Extension Arm and attach the ratchet and push it down till you connect to the spark plug. Remove the spark plug by rotating it counter- clockwise. It may be difficult and may take some time to do this and is the hardest part of the process

6. Use the magnet on the socket wrench to pull out the spark plug and insert the new one with the right gaping. The gaping is usually set at 0.44 for the original Toyota Spark plugs. The cylinder head is designed in such a way that you cannot fix your spark plugs incorrectly and hence you can be confident that if you are able to fix the spark plugs they go the right way only

7. With the use of the 5/8” socket place the spark plug into the engine slot and turn clockwise till it goes snug and tighten it taking care not to over tighten it. Be sure to do one spark plug at a time to prevent any debris droppings down into the cylinder.

8.. Next step fix the rubber end back into the cylinder

9. Replace and fix the 10mm bolts back until they are snug

10. Repeat this process for the other three spark plugs and when you have done this you have successfully completed the task of changing spark plugs on your 2005 Toyota Corolla

Thus, by having the right tools and the original Toyota Sparkplugs and by knowing how to change sparkplugs in 2005 Toyota Corolla you can do it by yourself to save money and time otherwise you will be spending to get them changed through a mechanic shop.


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