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How to Choose Car Tyres -Take Care of the Tyres

Updated on February 8, 2015

Everything You Want To Know About Purchasing Car Tyres

Those who have cars take care of everything about the cars , except the car tyres. Most of us will think of the car tyres only when they get punctured. Car Tyres without enough air are real threats to fuel efficiency. They are threats to life as well. Car Tyres should be taken care of properly to ensure their longevity and efficiency.

Make sure that all the tyres of your Car are of the same kind. If one tyre is radial, the rest three too must be radial. It’s best if they are of the same company as well. New tubes are to be used for new tyres. Always keep in mind that tyre and tube of the same company brings out the best fitting possible.

Tips Purchase a Car Tyre

Before purchasing a car tyre, check out whether it suits the rim or not. Sellers may say that slight differences can be neglected; but using a tyre of the exact size as the rim, ensures the tyre’s longevity. While changing the tyre and tube make sure that the rim is not rusted and that it is clean enough, especially the rim valve hole.

It’s advisable to place the tyre in the rim using a mounting machine rather than doing the same manually. Before putting tyre beads, lubricate the rim using soap or some other lubricants.

Before filling air, ensure that the tyre beads are in correct posture. Most time, the tyre will be half filled and then the beads are manually straightened. While doing this, make sure that the pressure inside the tyre will not exceed 44 P.S.I (3.0 K.G.F).

Car Maintenance and Repair Tips : How to Replace a Flat Tire

Tyre Balancing and Wheel Alignment:

Tyre balancing is to be strictly maintained for the durability of tyres. The difference in balancing plays a pivotal role in making the vehicles tremble or shake. If the vehicle trembles, or when it covers 5000 kilometers, tyre balancing is to be done.

Wheel Alignment:

Wheel alignment is a prerequisite once the vehicle covers 5000 kilometers. If the tyre undergoes any sort of tear and wear unexpectedly, it means that wheel alignment needs to be done at the earliest. Check the oil, brake and tyre before commencing a journey. If steel belt, nylon or ply chord are found, change the tyre without any further delay. Small rocks may get netted among the threads. Removing these too considerably increases the tyre durability.

Nowadays, most tyres have wear indicators. Usually, it’s advisable to change at 1.6 millimeter. Fill air at the pressure recommended by the manufacturers. Check the tyre pressure every week. Check the pressure before long journeys as well. If the valve cap is lost, replace it soon. Make sure that air is not lost through it.

New tyres expand when in use. So the pressure can be changed in the first 3000 kilometers. Check this in definite intervals. the pressure inside the spare tyre should be 5 P.S.I greater than that of the normal tyres.


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