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Choosing the Correct Subwoofer for Your Home and Car

Updated on January 1, 2014

High Bass music is generally reproduced on customized loudspeakers known as subwoofers, and devices manufactured for running and driving subwoofers are referred to as subwoofer amplifiers.
Hearing tracks with excessive bass levels inside own cars or trucks or other modes of transport is now quite gotten a style, primarily with the youths it has turned out to be too fashionable, who simply prefer to extend the boost levels to excessive confines.
Currently you will find the music sector inundated with high power subwoofer amps engineered solely for fulfilling the above mentioned needs.
For everybody who is planning to purchase a subwoofer equipment for your automobile or could be simply for hearing a bit of serious bass supplemented tracks at home or place of work, you probably would like to denote the following editorial and understand how to pick a qualified subwoofer amplifier for your vehicle with few theoretical estimates.
The fact is after you have picked out the specified product, maybe you might even purchase it on the web and have them placed wheresoever you want for enjoying the preferred outcomes from these models.
All amplifiers are essentially created for expanding the extracted and examined low frequency audio into the associated subwoofers at various power ranges, based upon the specifications of the certain amplifier.
We'll talk about examples of the state-of-the-art and most in-demand sub amplifiers up here. You could possibly look at the top features of the below discussed amps and choose the one that matches your requirements and affordability the best.


Rockford P700-1BD

• This is a mono block amplifier, this indicates that it may well support an individual channel and push one subwoofer at its output. The output might be ended to several car speakers linked in parallel, such that the entire impedance turns into around a single Ohms.
• Nevertheless, it's competent at making excellent Punch Bass repercussions and is in a position to generate an amazing 750 watts of power.
• The system utilizes Class-BD amplifier model which takes care of bass operations with increased proficiency.
• The supply of power is mosfet based.
• Warranty is as much as twelve months.


Renegade – REN 850 S

• It's also a mono car subwoofer amplifier, effective at driving 225 watts into a 4 Ohm subwoofer and 900 watts into 1 Ohm subwoofer, created by joining 4 nos. 4 ohm subwoofer in parallel.
• Punch bass is assisted with this version also and it may be governed by way of a remote control system.
• Power package is mosfet based.


Rockford PRIME R250-4

• 4-channel output, suitable for working some 2-Ohm stereo from 2 channels and a two 4 Ohm coupledsubwoofers from the backside channels. The innovative circuitries facilitates an integrated adjustable Punch Bass for ordering the output from low to colossal bass outcome levels, including front/rear crossover switches, usually 12dB/octave that could be utilized for setting the recommended frequency at the input of the device.
• The battery source is mosfet based which is in a position to endure significant power variables.
• The unit contains a regular twelve months guarantee.


Renegade REN 550 S

• It's a 2-channel stereo amplifier, effective at creating 2 x 300 watts over the linked subwoofers rated at 2 Ohms each.
• Includes higher pushed Bass Boost facilitated circuitry.
• Includes high pass filter, low pass filter for boosted clearness.
• Power supply is mosfet based.
• Warranty - twelve months.


Alpine MRP-F300

• It's a four channel amplifier which can push fifty watts of RMS power into each of the 4 channels and 75 watts as long as the subwoofers are rated at2 Ohms on each channel.
• Incorporates adaptable low pass and high pass filters starting from 50 to 400 Hz at 12dB per octave.
• Bass lift level is typically selectable
• Includes a subsonic filter.
• Power supply is mosfet technology
• Warranty is restricted to 1 year.


Alpine MRX-V70

• It's a typical five channel subwoofer amplifier that may be capable to produce 60 watts of RMS power separately over 4 channel outputs with 4 ohms load each. The power could possibly be amplified to two hundred and fifty watts through the use of 2 ohm subwoofers on each of the 4 channels.
• It is furthermore competent at dispensing one hundred eighty watts of RMS individually into a single 4 ohmssubwoofer that could be elevated to three hundred and fifty watts over a 2 ohm load.
• The model additionally provides a flexible low and high pass filter settings, a shifting subsonic filter button, a adjustable bass boost control.
• The style is class-D, a wonderful alternative among the typical ones.
• Power supply is mosfet type.
• Warranty is presented to a period of 1 year.


Alpine MRP-500

• Yet one more mono subwoofer amplifier, effective at generating three hundred watts of power over 4 Ohm loads, and five-hundred watt over 2 Ohm subs.
• Includes cross over network for permitting frequency segregation depending on the customer tastes.
• Frequency response is approximately twenty five to two hundred Hz.
• Design uses class-D that could be regarded as 1 of the productive layouts after class BD.
• Power stream is PWM structured for higher temperature dissipation regulation


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