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How to "Everest" your truck

Updated on April 29, 2016

Everest Lifted Trucks is committed to giving you the ultimate experience of buying a truck. We not only offer great customer service through the process, we also offer complete customization of any truck or SUV. We have broken down this process into five easy and painless tasks.

Step 1 is to pick the truck you want to customize.This can either be a truck off of our new inventory, used inventory, or we can even customize a truck that you have previously bought. We have a wide variety of new GMC truck to choose from. whether you are wanting a mid-sized canyon or a full-sized Sierra, we have what you are looking for. If you are wanting to be more cost effective, we have a great used truck selection as well.

Step 2 is selecting your lift. If you are wanting a certain look for your truck, we have it. We have everything from the birds eye view 7.5" lift to the ground level 2.0" leveling kit. If you want to stand on medium ground, we offer a 2.5", 3.5", and a 5" lift as well.

Step 3 is choosing the wheels and tires you desire.On our Everest Lifted Trucks Catalog, you will find a number of quality wheels and tires that we use most frequently on our stock units. whether you are wanting an aggressive mud terrain, or a modest all terrain, we will have what you want.

Step 4 is finding the right accessories. When we work with an aftermarket exhaust system, we mostly go with Borla or Fowmaster cat-back exhaust systems. These exhaust systems are both well-known for their quality and customization. With Borla, you can have the option to have black or chrome exhaust tips. On the other hand with Flowmaster, you have the option of moderate or aggressive sound. We also have plenty of other options such as light bars, mud flaps, fender flares, and more.

Step 5 is getting financed and have a blast with your new Everest Lifted Trucks. Need financing? Work with one of our finance managers to set up a loan that works best for you. We work with local banks that care about you and your money through this process. They will also explain some extended warranty options you will have if you have a 4" lift or less.


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