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How to Give Your Car a Sporty Look

Updated on August 4, 2015

For many car enthusiasts in the automotive industry, the front license plate is the bane of their existence. Most drivers on the road are unaware of the constant battle with the front license plate and the implications of their application. Most people consider the front license plate to be a way of life, but those affiliated with the car industry see differently. Many drivers in the automotive industry modify their cars and choose not to install their front license plate for aesthetic reasons. The lack of a front license plate is somewhat of an industry standard, where the center front plate is sometimes completely eliminated.

Unfortunately, this aesthetic tweak is against street regulations and could result in a traffic citation. These violations are both expensive and time consuming, often resulting in the name of style. Because of this, some drivers have no choice but to install back their center license plate or keep paying fix-it tickets. For a long time, there was so common ground to act as a solution and appease both the car industry and law enforcement so people had to choose to go against the industry or accept that they are going to get ticketed. There really was no middle ground and it was difficult for many car enthusiasts to have to choose one or the other.

Recently, there have been new developments in the car aftermarket industry that acts as the best of both worlds. The license plate tow hook mount utilizes the tow hook to mount the license plate on the side of the bumper, giving the car much of a racing look. This style is reminiscent to the drifting and formula racing lifestyle so that it looks sporty and still abides by the law. The tow hook license plate adapter consists of a tow bar that's threaded into the tow hook position to act as the initial license plate support. Then there is a mounting plate with 8 different mounting locations to give the installer full liberty on which location and angle he wants to mount the adapter. This kind of mounting plate even accommodates for other vehicular technologies like parking sensor, parking assist, and other features that may be inhibited due to the relocation of the license plate. By giving the installer full liberty on where to install the tow hook license plate bracket, the upgrade allows for multi-usage that is great for a number of vehicles.

After the adapter and the tow bar are mounted securely into the tow hook location, installing the license plate is then a piece of cake. All that's left is installing the license plate which only involves screwing in the actual license plate onto the mounting bracket with the necessary screws and bolts. This simple installation ensures that the vehicle is within lawful regulations, but still looks pretty sporty by mounting the license plate onto the side of the bumper.

It seems like this type of aftermarket installations satisfies a lot of car aficionados out there, since the license plate is no longer mounted at the center of the vehicle. There are a ton of sporty, popular cars that are currently compatible with the available tow hook mounting kits out right now, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Honda, Scion, Subaru, and Hyundai. Basically, if a car has the tow hook capability, then there is a good chance that there will be an available assembly that can enable the license plate to be mounted on the side of the vehicle.

For aftermarket car enthusiasts, the tow hook adapter is a great option to get a great sporty look without having to sacrifice the wallet too much. A regular adapter like this costs less than fifty dollars, which is about the cost of a fix-it ticket from law enforcement. Unlike a fix-it ticket, the license plate adapter is a one-time investment so there is no need to have to keep going to the police station to get the ticket signed off. Anyone can benefit from the tow hook license plate adapter, regardless if he or she is in the car industry or not. A side-mounted license plate gives off a pretty unique vibe that all drivers can enjoy.


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