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How to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Updated on June 16, 2014

Motorists today are well aware of the rising gas prices and the bane of filling up a tank of gas, only to see the exorbitant damage result on the receipt of purchase. You would have to rinse and repeat this ritual several times a month. So what are some ways to save money on gas? How can you drive in a manner that's more fuel efficient for your vehicle?

Service your car regularly

When it comes to car service, please don't get lazy or put it off because you want to save some small money in the short term. However, skipping car service really does a number on your car because it affects the overall health of the car in the long run. This can add up to costly maintenance service fees that would otherwise not have had occurred had the car been under regular maintenance and service throughout its lifetime. An air filter that's clogged or used motor oil inside an engine can affect a car's fuel economy by about 9 percent. That may not seem like a huge number, but it sure adds up in the long run.

Don't skip manufacturer recommended service and don't cut corners with no-name brands. Keep your car running well and healthy because your wallet will thank you in the future. You will definitely save a ton of money by doing this.

Inflate tires accordingly and check pressure monthly

Maintain your tires and keep them inflated as recommended because underinflated tires can greatly affect how your vehicle steers and brakes. Underinflated tires have extra resistance and in turn, causes your car to burn more fuel and cause premature rubber wear. Use that time you're at the gas station to fill up your tank, you can also inflate your tires.

In newer vehicles, manufacturers place all of the tire information on the driver's side of the door so it's easy for anyone to read how much psi the tires need inflating. Handling, durability and load capacity are all dependent on the tire pressure.

A wide range of scientifically proven facts reason why it's best to keep your rubber inflated as automobile manufacturers recommend for each and every model. Regardless of vehicle, size and tread pattern, every tire's load capacity, durability, traction and handling characteristics are dependent on using the proper pressure.

Improve Aerodynamics:

Remove any aftermarket roof racks and cargo boxes until you really need them because they provide tons of aerodynamic drag, making fuel efficiency pretty bad and causing more and more trips to the gas station.

Although many newer cars today are equipped with features that help with aerodynamics, if you're not so lucky, it's best to try and remove anything that may cause aerodynamic drag.

Say No to Unnecessary Things

You can replace the full-sized spare tire with a space saver tire and cut down on some of the weight that your vehicle has to carry. It may seem like some of the forgotten tools taking up space in the trunk aren't a big deal, but their weight adds up and definitely affects the overall fuel economy of your vehicle. Opened windows when you drive on the freeway equals an extremely high amount of drag and create a nasty kind of turbulence in the interior of the vehicle as well. There are also some hidden dangers in the vehicle, like empty water bottles. At first, they seem rather insignificant, but a water bottle caught under the pedals can cause a catastrophic accident.

Improve Your Driving Style

It should be a given that driving smoothly is of utmost importance, don't poke at the accelerator and brakes because sudden bursts have a huge effect on fuel efficiency. Drive well over speed bumps because sudden jumps on the brakes also take a toll on mileage.

Don't drive like a roadrunner hopped up on a few cans of soda just to show off to other people on the road. Not only does this kind of erratic driving completely damage the fuel efficiency of your car, it's completely unsafe as well. You wouldn't want to put your family near anyone who drives like that, so why would you drive like a maniac in the first place?

With all that money you save by doing these simple steps to improve your fuel economy and save you money, you could totally use the money you had all along but never realized you could spend on some new, cool products to spice up your ride. You could get your car a nice wash and wax with all that cash you saved, or buy some neat little decals or maybe even a new set of LED interior lights to brighten up the inside of your car for you and your customers to bathe in glow of xenon white. Who knows, if you save enough money, you might even be able to get a whole slew of LED lights and even get some new ones for your exterior. Either way, driving smoothly is not only the safe thing to do, but saving money on gas is something that isn't hard to maintain as well.


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