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How to Install 2007-2010 Ford Edge Aftermarket Headlights

Updated on November 6, 2013

The 2007-2010 Ford Edge

Preparation Guidelines

It is important to prepare both the vehicle and the work area prior to attempting installation. Please ensure that the vehicle is clean and dry before open the hood and disconnecting and connecting electrical lighting harnesses. In addition, please be sure that the vehicle is on a flat surface. Never work on a vehicle that is on an incline as it can roll and cause injury or death.

Safety Equipment

Please be sure to use protective eyewear and work gloves to prevent injury. Please take any other safety precautions you believe are necessary prior to beginning work.

Preparations and Tools

Be sure to set up a tarp or sheet as a staging area for your tools and the hardware you will be both installing and removing. This will keep you organized and prevent damage to your stock and replacement lights.

In addition to preparing your work area please obtain the recommended installation tools shown below:

Recommended Installation Tools

  1. 1/4-inch Drive Ratchet
  2. 6-inch Extension
  3. 10mm Socket
  4. 7/32-inch Socket
  5. Phillips Screwdriver
  6. Trim Pad Remover

Step 1 - Open the hood

Open the hood of the vehicle. You will need to access many of the bolts and clips under the hood but you will also need to access the area beneath the bumper as well. Please ensure that the vehicle has completely cooled whenever working or under the engine bay.

Step 2 - Remove two 10mm bolts

Remove two 10mm bolts with your drive ratchet and 10mm socket.

Step 3 - Remove 4 plastic clips

Remove four plastic clips with the trim pad remover.

Step 4 - Remove four bolts

Remove four, 7/32-inch bolts.

Step 5 - Remove 3 plastic clips

Remove three plastic clips with trim remover.

Step 6 - Remove 3 bolts

Remove three 7/32-inch bolts.

Step 7 - Disconnect fog light harness

On the underside of the of the vehicle you will find the area to access the fog lights. Disconnect fog light harness.

Step 8 - Remove front bumper

Step 9 - Remove two 10mm bolts

Remove two 10mm bolts.

Step 11 - Remove 10mm bolt located atop of headlight

Remove 10mm bolt located atop of headlight.

Step 12 - Remove headlight and disconnect harness

Remove headlight and disconnect harnesses.

Step 13 - Connect replacement headlight to harness

Connect replacement headlight to harnesses.

Step 14 - Replace and tighten 10mm bolt

Replace and tighten the 10mm bolt.

Step 15 - Replace and tighten 10mm bolt

Replace and tighten 10mm bolt.

Step 16 - Replace and tighten two 10mm bolts

Replace and tighten two 10mm bolts.

Step 17 - Replace front bumper

Replace front bumper.

Step 18 - Replace 4 plastic clips

Replace four plastic clips.

Step 19 - Replace and tighten 2 10mm bolts

Replace and tighten 2 10mm bolts.

Step 20 - Replace and tighten 3 bolts

Replace and tighten three 7/32-inch bolts.

Step 21 - Connect fog light harness

Connect fog light harness.

Step 22 - Replace 3 plastic clips

Replace three plastic clips from underneath bumper.

Step 23 - Replace and tighten four bolts

Replace and tighten four 7/32-inch bolts.

Step 24 - Close the hood

Close the hood.

Ford Edge 2007-2010 Aftermarket Headlight Installation Video


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    • John Parcharidis profile image

      John Para 17 months ago from Toronto

      That is the nice blog you have shared with us. How to install 2007-2010 Ford edge aftermarket headlights. You have explained it very well. Using the graphic its more understandable. As the wholesaler and distributors of car parts I am always in search of reading new things about car, and car parts replacement. Thank you very much for sharing keep sharing your blog with new ideas and news.