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How to Make Yourself a Safe Driver

Updated on August 6, 2011
Safe Driving Is Critical
Safe Driving Is Critical | Source

Driving safely is an important factor in your happiness and survival. You need to make yourself a safe driver to protect yourself, your loved ones, and other people, too. There are a number of skills and attitudes that you can acquire to help you make yourself a safe driver. Here are some important ones.

Think Safety First in Everything You Do

This especially applies to driving a car, which is often done automatically and in risky conditions like rain, snow, ice and limited visibility. The single most important thing you can do is make sure that everyone is wearing their seatbelt or in an approved child seat. Nearly as important is the attitude that you will drive defensively and do all in your power to avoid accidents. These two guides will help you make yourself a safe driver.

Avoid Frustration and Never Frustrate Other Drivers

It is well known that frustration causes accidents. Make sure that you always control your emotions while driving; if you get angry then get off the road because you'll be a danger to yourself and others. And don't do anything to frustrate other drivers; you are not God. Allow those in a hurry to safely pass you, and you will make yourself a safe driver.

Always Be Courteous (ABC)

Live the golden rule on the road. Put others before yourself in thought and action. Let others move on first at intersections, entrances and exits, even if you technically have the right of way. Aim to be the most courteous driver in your community. You will be helping others and will make yourself a safe driver.

Learn and Observe Key Safety Rules

Make sure you know about and can keep safe distances behind other vehicles at various speeds.
• Observe speed restrictions in residential neighborhoods and parking areas.
• Never pass when your visibility is limited.
• Always signal in good time your intention to change lanes or turn.
• Expect mistakes from other drivers and allow for them.
• Never drive when tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine.
• Take breaks on long drives to stay fresh.
• Always leave more than enough time to get to your workplace or other destination without the need to hurry.
• Avoid using cell phones while driving and minimize any other distractions such as loud music or disruptive behavior from passengers.
• Drive with your lights on to enhance your visibility to others.
• Keep your vehicle in good condition.

Following these key rules will help to make you a safe driver.

Make a File on Safe Driving Tips

There are many sources that cover safe driving or defensive driving in more detail. Acquire these sources and file them in a paper or computer folder called "Safe Driving Tips." Refer to this folder several times a year to refresh your memory. This focus and review will aid your goal to make yourself a safe driver.

Final Tips on Becoming a Safe Driver

  • Ask friends and relatives to check out your driving behavior and listen to what they have to say.
  • Accidents do happen. But if you make yourself a safe driver you will be likely to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of car accidents that involve you.
  • Take a safe driver or defensive driving course. Your community may offer such courses or you might find one online. (Try AARP if you have trouble finding one.)


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