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How to Overcome Anger While Driving With Hypnotherapy

Updated on October 9, 2011
an angry woman - road rage? why necessary?
an angry woman - road rage? why necessary?

It is often the case that you get angry quite easily while driving. Well, taking into consideration today’s traffic conditions in which there are too many cars jamming the roads, getting angry while driving seems to be quite a normal thing to take place. Well, who doesn’t get angry being cut by another driver when you are really in a rush to your destination? Or, will you not get angry when there is a driver that is driving in such a way that he or she is slowing you down or, even worse, completely blocking the road ahead of you? However, anger can often cost you your own health as well as safety. Therefore, instead of being angry, you are better off trying to overcome your road rage by means of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy as a Good Anger Management Method

Considering that driving anger can take place all the time, you should not focus your attention to the completely unpleasant condition. Instead, you should draw your focus to the loss of control and view of point while being in such a condition. You ought to realize that every single person you may meet on the road drives with his or her own driving skills. With that being said, you are very likely to realize that you shouldn’t act violently at all to what happens on the road. After all, you are likely to face the similar conditions within every single day. If you keep on letting your anger control you, you are about to risk your health and safety.

Yet, if you try to take hypnotherapy seriously, you’ll have the ability to figure out what may have likely triggered your road rage. Further, you’ll know how to deal with and eliminate all the triggers. You can consider hypnotherapy as a switch that will turn off your automatic reaction, which is commonly anger, when it is about to show up. Instead, you’ll see everything, regardless of how unpleasant or upsetting it is, as simply normal. That way, you have no reasons to get provoked due to the situation around you at any given time. More than that, the things you’ll also get for visiting a hypnotherapist often consist of quite a few pretty effective tips on how to manage the level of your emotion, anger and stress.

Unfortunately, one thing that you may have to sacrifice in relation to hypnotherapy is your time. A hypnotherapy session often takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. However, you’ll only need about an hour in each session most of the time. Yet, prior to undergoing such a therapy, there are things you may have to keep in mind. In order to have an effective and successful therapy of this kind, you’ll have to open yourself for suggestions. To do this, you have to be aware that you do have a problem with yourself, especially when it comes to anger and emotions. This is the reason why most hypnotherapists will suggest a person to see them on their own will, despite the motivation from the people closest to those planning to undergo the hypnotherapy.

Self Hypnosis

It has been mentioned earlier that a hypnotherapist will usually give quite a few tips in each therapy session. One of those tips is known as self hypnosis. With this method, people will have the power to cope with their tendency to get angry, even if they no longer consult their hypnotherapist. However, taking into accounts the different talent of every single person, a hypnotherapist will normally use quite a few different methods that best suit each of the patients. Also, for those that don’t think they have been able to overcome their anger tendency after completing the hypnotherapy, they can go for the maintenance sessions.

A pretty helpful self hypnosis technique is to think over the situations that may well provoke anger and to replace those situations with a calm feeling or scenario. This is meant to get over the mind’s uncontrollable state. People who give this sort of therapies believe that at the time people focus their attention on something, they are not likely to get angry. This way, people prevent themselves from getting into trance and anger is a form of trance.

Some More Hypnotherapy Tips to Try

After all being said above, here are several tips that you can try to overcome your road rage by means of hypnotherapy:

  1. Breathing techniques; what you have to do is to take a deep breath. Then, hold it and count up to 5 before you release your breath. Do this several times and you’ll feel your body getting less tension than you would usually. Try to picture the tension, anxiety, and stress building up in your lungs. Then, when you release your breath, blow them all out of your body.
  2. Keep away from aggravating situations; if you happen to be late for work, a meeting or whatever, try not to get worried. Instead, focus your mind and think about the ways you can take where there is likely less traffic. Additionally, try to always depart around half an hour earlier than you would usually. Prepare alternative routes in case the traffic seems less promising at the routes you usually take.
  3. Posting affirmations; you can use some stickers to state affirmations. You can then stick these stickers on your dashboard in addition to your steering wheel, exactly where the horn is. The sticker on the dashboard may say something like “I’m calm and that’s good for me.” On the other hand, the one on the horn may say, “think first, act later.”
  4. Critical time preparation; a bottle of water and a relaxing music CD may well help you in this case. When the traffic becomes somehow chaotic, try drinking some water to cool down. You should also keep some sorts of stress relievers inside your glove compartment. These relievers can range from string beads, stress balls to anything that may well keep you entertained or, at least, divert your attention during traffic jams. Whistling or making a hum is also quite a good idea. The point is, do whatever you can do to keep your attention from the traffic jams ahead of you.
  5. The proper mindset; remember to practice self hypnosis day after day, even when you no longer need to see a hypnotherapist. You can try to repeat this sort of sentences, “the things that bothered me before no longer bother me today.” This way, you’ll be better able to cope with your anger as well as other emotional issues.


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