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How to Repair a Car Battery

Updated on January 17, 2020
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A car’s battery is used to store energy while driving and to give it back to the engine for a future start. It is, therefore, a central part. If it is damaged, it could cause you more or less unpleasant breakdowns on the road.

This may be your case right now, your battery has been defective for several days or even weeks, no longer takes charge or allows you to power your car's electrical system. No panic, here we give you tips to help you fix it.

1) Add distilled water

Lack of maintenance is usually the thing that damages batteries and one of the things we often forget is to add distilled water to the pellets. If you think you are, wear safety glasses, open the top of the battery by removing the caps and check the water level.

If it is too low, top up the water until the lead plates are covered again. Let it sit for a few minutes or hours, your battery may work again.

2) Resuscitate your car battery

If the filling of distilled water is not enough to allow you to have a functional battery again, you may need to opt for resuscitation. You can do this using a battery charger and charge conventionally. It works in quite a few cases.

But if your battery still doesn't allow you to start after hours of charging, you could revive it using a booster. This device could allow you to destroy the sulphate crystals which are harmful in lead by delivering a current pulse at a high power to restart the battery.

3) Start the battery with another car or a battery charger

It is possible to use the battery of another car in good condition to restart your car. Even if it doesn't guarantee that your battery will be in good shape again, it can still help you out and allow you to get back on the road while buying a new battery. To do this, you must find a vehicle whose battery operates at the same voltage as yours, usually it is 12 V.

You must also turn off all equipment whose operation depends on electrical energy such as air conditioning, heating, etc. Then connect the end of the red cable to the + terminal of the receiver and the other end to the good + of the vehicle whose battery is in good condition.

Connect the black cable to this same vehicle and the other end to a bare spot on your vehicle's engine. Now start the engine of the vehicle you are using to troubleshoot and then try to start your own. If it restarts, disconnect the black cable first and the red cable last. If not, try again.

In short, it is possible to repair the battery in your car by replenishing the water level, resuscitating it or trying to restart it with another car whose battery is in good condition. But to avoid ending up with a bad battery, the best solution is to do regular monitoring and maintenance.

To recharge a car battery, simply connect its terminals to the cables of a 12v car charger, as indicated on the user manual (color code to be observed). Charging then begins when you plug the charger into an AC outlet (charging time 6 to 12 hours depending on the vehicle).

You can also get repaired by connecting the discharged battery to another car battery with the engine running, which allows you to restart the engine of the broken car. To recharge the engine, it is not enough to run it at a standstill. It is imperative to drive at a sufficiently high speed for a good half hour, preferably on a fast track. In order to preserve the performance of the battery, it is still advisable to carry out a full charge with an electric charger, in the days following the failure.


This tutorial explains how to restart a car and recharge its battery using an auto battery charger. so I am just going to give u a secrete on how to operate your battery, so

  • Open the cover and locate the battery
  • Connect the charger clamps to the car battery according to the color code
  • Connect the charger socket
  • Leave the battery on charge for a few minutes
  • Start the vehicle
  • Switch off the charger
  • Disconnect cables.

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