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How to Repair a Heater Hose Quick Connect Coupling That has Broken

Updated on April 30, 2014

Picture of Broken Quick Connect Coupling

Broken Heater Hose Quick Connect Coupling
Broken Heater Hose Quick Connect Coupling | Source

Heater Hose Quick Connect Repair

I was changing out the thermostat in my 1998 chev 1/2 ton truck 2 wheel drive with a 4.3 engine when I noticed a small tiny drop of antifreeze on the quick connect coupling. Assuming that the coupling may need to be tightened, I put a wrench on it to see if it was loose. It was corroded so bad that it broke right off flush with the intake manifold. This is where the work begins. Preforming this procedure it is not a difficult task, just a time consuming one.

Some Tools Used For This Repair

These are the actual tools that I used.
These are the actual tools that I used. | Source

Quick Connect Repair Details

The job took approximately 11 hours to complete and only needed minimal tools. I took my time with this project so that I would do a better job. The video below that I created will help to show how this project progressed. It is best to have some knowledge about this particular situation before you start. In my opinion although it is a simple job, it is critical that the threads on the intake manifold are not compromised.

Video: How I Repaired The Broken Heater Hose Quick Connect Coupling on My 1998 Chev 1/2 ton Truck With a 4.3 engine.

Finished Job

The repair ended up working out quite well and I have no complaints. If someone was to preform any service or maintenance on a cooling system remember to let the engine cool completely. This will avoid any serious burns or other injury. Safety must be the first issue to consider when performing such a repair.

Broken Heater Quick Connect


This Is a Common Problem?

The Broken Quick Connect is a big job. Would you tackle it or send it to a mechanic?

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