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How Do You Ship A Car

Updated on September 11, 2012

Take the fear out of shipping a car

Whether you are moving or have simply purchased or sold your vehicle to an out-of-state buyer, you may need to arrange to have that vehicle shipped. Luckily, this process is straight forward and may even cost less than you imagine. There are several shippers throughout the country that will load and ship you automobile with very little hassle.

Research automobile shipping companies. An internet search will provide several options. Simply search the term “Automobile transportation” and you will find several reputable shipping companies that will be glad to handle you automobile shipping needs from door to door.

Create you short list. Cost, insurance, shipping time, years in business, better business bureau results and customer comments should form the basis of your selection process. Most of these attributes will be available on-line, although in some cases you may have to interview the company to get a firm price quote and the details of the insurance plan. With your potential transportation agents identified, it is now time to select a carrier.

Select your carrier based up the research you just completed. Your research to this point should provide you with all the tools you need to select a great transport company for your car. Once you have raked the carriers based on your research, simply select the carrier that seems most appropriate and schedule a time for your car to be picked up. You will also need to coordinate the delivery time so that someone will be available to accept the car when it reaches its destination. The transportation company will need your contact information as well as the contact information for the person receiving the automobile.

Meet the carrier at the agreed upon time with your car and conduct a thorough inspection with the driver. He or she will work with you to identify any blemishes on the vehicle, so that there is no damage disputes upon delivery. Once delivered and accepted, the transportation company should provide you with confirmation of successful delivery and your auto transport will be complete.


Ask if you can get a discount if you are more flexible on you delivery date. Occasionally the carriers will have excess capacity and your flexibility may get you a better deal.


Always be sure to inspect the car thoroughly with the driver. Marking each blemish is important to avoid disputes upon delivery.


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