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How to Take Care of Your Car Window Tint

Updated on December 22, 2012
Here're some window tint scales for your reference.
Here're some window tint scales for your reference. | Source

When it comes to window tint, you need to keep in mind that not all cars may have it. In fact, most of the time, you will get window tint if you buy a used car. Yet, if buy a brand new car from the showroom, it is very rarely the case, if any, that the car has its window tinted already. However, window tint actually has a lot of benefits to offer. Blocking the ultraviolet ray that comes from the sun is one good example. This ray can cause cancer. With your car windows tinted, you also minimize chances of your car being broken into because it will be harder for people to peek what valuables are inside your car. You will also see an improvement in terms of driving visibility during daytime with window tint because it reduces the glare that comes from the sunlight. However, it is wise to avoid extremely dark window tint, except if you can make sure that it doesn’t degrade your driving visibility during nighttime.

Leave the Window Tint

In order to take care of the window tint for your car, you need to keep in mind that, when a window is tinted, you need to make sure you don’t bother with it for a certain period. It is recommended that you leave your car windows up for at least two days after tinting. This way, you are trying to make sure that the tint won’t peel if you roll your car windows down. This is because you give the tint more time to adhere more firmly to the glass.

You also need to make sure that you don’t touch the window tint for at least five days after tinting. Also, know that window tint needs time to dry entirely and this often takes up to thirty days. Therefore, it is not recommended that you clean your car windows within a month after tinting.

Window Tint Cleaning – Ammonia Prohibited

Now, when the time has come to clean your window tint, you should only use ammonia-free products. If possible, try to stay away from window tint cleaners that come in blue color. This kind of cleaners normally has ammonia in them. In case you’re anxious to know, ammonia triggers window blotching. Hence, you should simply use water and soap instead.

Window Tint Cleaning – Soft Piece of Cloth

It is not recommended, either, to use a newspaper, brown paper towel, or piece of hard cloth to clean your car window tint. This may result in scratched tint. Therefore, you had better use common paper towel found in most households, sponge, or soft cloth instead.

Window Tint Care – No Stickers

Do not sticker your car window tint. In addition to that, never try to place suction cups or any kinds of adhesives on top of your tinted car windows. If you have a bumper sticker, spare it for your car bumper.

Window Tint Care – Avoid Contact

Make sure you don’t hit your car window tint when loading and unloading items to and from your car. Nicks may emerge if you hit your car window tint. Even worse, you should handle metal objects with caution so that they don’t hit the tinted windows otherwise your window tint may get scratched, really scratched. These metal objects can be anything from seat belt buckles to your car keys.


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