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How to change the oil in an F-150 with screenshots (2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015)

Updated on February 23, 2018

Here's what you'll need


1. 5-30w oil

2 Oil filter

3. Blue towel rags (2 is an indication that this will get dirty...)


1. Oil Pan

2. Oil Funnel

3. Pliers

4. Ratchet with 5/8'' or 15 millimeter (lean towards 15 millimeter)

5. Oil Filter remover (optional)

Some considerations

1. Windshield wiper fluid

2. Break fluid

3. Air Filter

4. Safety grips on the tires (optional)

5. ...for ecoboost, may need to check your antifreeze levels (not shown)

Check to see if it matches

First thing is first, make sure that the supplies for your vehicle is being supported by looking at your motor and your manual. In this case, many blogs report my 3.5l ecoboost needs at least 6.2 quarts of oil, but the manufacturer recommends 6.0. This is a good place to start and confirm your needs are met.

Also, keep in mind, the oil you choose is all subject to blogs and opinions. The Platinum oil I purchased was highly recommended, but juggling the price with others was a bit of a challenge.

Step 1: Remove the cover underneath

Although I'm showing fingertips in these pictures, I ended up using my pliers. However, I was very gentle with them and I used them simply to get a good grip. Be very careful not to twist or bend the clips when removing them. Just like screws they should come off with a lefty loosy and pull from the plug. Make sure they are completely unscrewed before unplugging them, realizing these need to work for years to come.

Once the cover is removed, you'll see the oil bolt underneath, ready for draining.

Step 2: Drain the Oil

First make sure to open the top, leaving the cap off.

Next, place the oil pan underneath the bolt that will be screwed off. From there, use a 15 millimeter socket to unlock the bolt, then use your hand to unscrew it until the oil comes out. Make sure to have some paper towels available, as this part gets really messy.

Some prefer to lift the vehicle. Please note that the manual states it should be level when draining the oil and should be drained for no less than 15 minutes. I didn't find any reason to lift the vehicle, as there is plenty of room to slide underneath. I also used the wheel blocks on the rears as a safety precaution, although the vehicle remained in park at all times.

Step 3: Remove the oil filter

At this point, the oil should have been completely drained and the bolt reinserted (making sure that it is snug, not twisted). Empty or move the oil pan under the square insert.

There are two rubber squares between the oil drain and the front of the truck. Reach under and remove the square underneath the oil filter. The square insert closest to the front of the truck is the one you should unscrew.

Once the rubber square is removed, place the oil pan directly beneath it. This is where the oil filter will leak once unscrewed.

Find the white clips panel just underneath the front of the truck. This is where we'll need to reach to grab and unscrew the oil filter.

Each white clip should open easily (4) and you can pull the flap open. From here, reach into the hole above and feel around until the oil filter can be unscrewed directly above and back. If you cannot unscrew the oil filter with your hands, use an oil filter tool to grip it and loosen it before unscrewing.

Step 4: Screw in the new oil filter

First, prime the oil gasket with oil so that it seals properly. Reach back in and screw the new oil filter on.

Put the flap back on, screw in all 4 clips.

After another 15 minutes or so, the oil from the oil filter may still be dripping. This dripping will continue and is a result of the reservoir being spilled on. I take a blue rage and stick it in there, then I go crazy and wipe anything that I can't see to the best of my ability. If you don't wipe it all down, it's possible that even after placing the square back on, you will continue to get oil drips for a few hours. Make sure to clean up as much as possible, then place the square back on.

Step 5: Fill it with oil

Now, fill the engine with oil.

Place the correct amount into the insert using the funnel.

Once complete, check the oil and verify the levels are good.

This is also a good time to place the panel underneath the truck back on.

Step 6: Reset the oil change settings

If your truck has apps, go to Settings - Vehicle, then hold down 'OK' to reset the settings. That concludes the oil change.

Step 7: Change the air filter

This is good opportunity to change that air filter, which usually is changed every 12 or 15 thousand miles.

In this case, found lots of leaves and other debris that I vacuumed out.

Step 8: Other considerations

This may be a good opportunity to fill in the break fluid, windshield wiper fluid and even checkout the anitfreeze, if necessary. Take a good look and make sure all are within the max/min levels as needed.

The manual repeatedly warns you of placing the wrong fluid in the wrong places, so please be extra careful and make sure the lid matches the fluid you will be adding.


Lastly, start up the engine and let it run as it cycles the oil through the system. Give it a little gas. Typically after finishing the oil change, I will drive it around in a circle to get the motor going and then park it so it can settle. Hope this helps and remember to always keep your owner's manual handy.


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