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How to drive in the snow this winter

Updated on January 8, 2011

How to drive in the snow

I have been inspired to write this hub about how to drive in the snow after experiencing vast amounts of snow once again on our roads this winter and as it seems that the harsh winters could be a new trend its about time we all learned how to drive correctly in the snow.

How many times do we all have to drive in queue because drivers dare not exceed more than 5mph and how many times do we sit at traffic lights and the lights go green and the driver in front tries to set off in first gear only to slide from side to side until the traffic lights once again return to red,its all about educating ourselves and in actual fact should be included in advance driver training for new drivers coming through.

Now England has been a laughing stock for many years as a Country that grinds to a halt at the mere mention of snow and i have to say i agree. But why is it that this is the case and why do we all struggle so much with it.

In all fairness the snow is not something were really used to in this Country but as it seems to be coming more common its time we are all alot better prepared to cope with what the snow brings.

The Goverment and Authorities have their own issues to deal with as far as how they deal with the snow that affects our transport systems so much in terms of Airport closures and Motorways grinding to a halt and people stranded overnight in their vehicles,so its up to us the General Public to do our bit to help.

If we are all a little more confident driving in the snow and fully prepared if we do get trapped then we can possibly stop everything coming to a stop and staying indoors until the snow has thawed, now im not for one minute telling anyone to take silly risks in the snow but if we are all a bit more confident to cope with these conditions we can get to and from work and our Children can get into school so read the following driving in the snow tips to help you.

Winter driving tips to follow

Journey Preparation for driving in the snow

Always plan your journey in advance and let someone know where you are going and what time to expect you.

Remember to take emergency supplies with you just in case including a hot flask of drink and some drinking water and some food. Make sure you have plenty of warm clothing and a blanket in case you get stranded.A shovel will also prove very valuable to release your vehicle if you leave the road or to help others who might be stranded.

Checking your tyre tread at this time of year is paramount and will ensure a better grip on the road the legal minimum depth is 1.6mm but tyres ideally should be way above this in snow conditions.

Always check your vehicle anti freeze levels and make sure you have adequate sceenwash,also check correct operation of windscreen wipers

Always remember to accelerate gently and smoothly and set off in 2nd gear as setting of in 1st gear will make your tyres spin.

Always maintain a steady speed that's not too excessive.

Make sure to leave a sensible distance between yourself and the vehicle in front . in case you have to stop suddenly

Try to avoid using your breaks to slow your vehicle instead work your way down through your gears and then apply your brakes when your vehicle has slowed

Last but not least only travel if necessary and don't take any unnecessary journeys and always carry a mobile phone with you to maintain contact but of course only use your phone when it is legal to do so.

I hope all this advice is of use to people who read this and you can also seek additional advice from motoring groups such as the RAC or the AA who offer excellent motoring tips.


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    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Hi Leachy,lets hope they do read it but for some people bad driving is just ignorance!!

    • Leachy79 profile image

      Leachy79 7 years ago from Aylesbury, Bucks, England

      Good article. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some drivers are in the snow. From those that continue to tailgate, to those who think full power in 1st gear is the way to go. Hopefully some of the stupids will read your article and learn something.