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How to fix a bumper on a Nissan Sentra

Updated on February 8, 2012

Whoops.....My Bad.

Of course it started out as a Monday morning, it was dark and foggy and my the professional as I am, I was there early, to work happily among my fellow nurses and spread good will through my day. I was backing up into a parking slot, I checked, but all of a sudden I hit something. A little Chevrolet truck. MAN!!! REALLY?!! I guess who's truck? It was the nice lady that works part time and is the mother of the Secretary of the whole business. I just knew I had SMASHED the heck out of her vehicle. But when when we got out there,there wasn't a scratch on it. I was DUMBFOUNDED but one of the girls said "Hey, have you seen YOUR car?" I turned around and I could of died!! MY CAR!!! There was a gigantic dent in it! So I panicked..


It's Hip To Be Square

I was all crazy and scared over nothing because front and rear bumpers on today's cars generally consist of a plastic cover over a reinforcement bar consists or made of aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic. Yes, plastic. Have you ever heard expression 'Im driving around a TIN Can? Well, that's not to far fetched. Some car-makers design the bumper bar and its attachment brackets to crush in a low-speed crash to absorb a big bump.

Polypropylene,which is used in cars to carpet and foam or formed thermoplastic,which I found out this can be melted, soften when heated or freeze to a glossy state. But frequently their main purpose is to serve as a spacer between the bar and the bumper cover and not as an SHOCK absorber. You are hitting in between,if that makes sense. The Bumpers are square to protect, and I thought it was trying to look 'different' Nissan Sentra.

Bumpers are supposed to keep damage away from safety-related equipment such as headlights and taillights and as you can see, I almost got em'. When bumpers are poorly designed, these car body parts sustain most of the damage in parking-lot collisions and other low-speed impacts. Bills to fix fender-bender damage can add up to thousands of dollars fast, not to mention the hassle of getting repair estimates and waiting for your car to get out of the shop.

Driving around with Sponges?

Its all about shapes and math, I think. And in my opinion the bumper on my Nissan Sentra are similar to sponges,since I had to go through it,I can tell ya exactly how my bumper worked that foggy dark morning. Bumpers on lot of today's new cars, will protect you if you get in a low, and I mean very LOW speed crash. I never thought about how my bumpers were made,which often results in damage to vehicle grilles, headlights, hoods, fenders, and trunks. Bumpers also should have sufficient energy-absorbing capabilities to confine damage to the bumper system itself.

Then the genius that I am I made the mistake of sending the photo of the dent to my husband, Ah!! He was so worried, I should of waited, like till I got it fixed. But I didn't know any thing about how a bumper works and what it was made of, so there I was fretting' all day until one of my bosses told me that her husband could fix it. "For how much?" she said "Nothing, he will just POP it out". So on my way home, I stopped by there, he got a blow-dryer, maybe industrial strength, got it really warm, then he POPPED it out. I shouted out with glee!!

Keeping it real.

It may take a village to raise a child, but it just might take a Hub-Village to help each other in these hard times of penny pinching. And its been on the news that we all can't afford to buy new vehicles every 5 years or so, we all keeping our cars and trucks a lot longer. So I hope this little hub helped someone.Oh, by the way, I checked, of course Nissan is based in Japan, but in the Good United States there is at least 3 factories,one in Mississippi and two in Tennessee. I was glad to write this story about my car, cause if I was driving a 67' mustang, I wouldn't be writing this hub, I would be crying in my crying towel.


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