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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Driving A Car

Updated on October 27, 2015


I was studying at TAFE in 1995. I lived in a Sydney suburb relatively far from the main transport. Therefore I did drive to TAFE college every day. I did love to drive because I had the chance to listen to the music and the daily news. Besides, it was convenient.

I did learn that car drivers should be very alert and courteous on the roads. I believed that everyone should do 'the right thing' in order to avoid car collisions and stupid accidents. I was wrong.

Reason for fear of driving a car

The accident

This specific morning, I sat in my car and started my trip to TAFE. I had plenty of time, so I did not have to rush. I knew the roads and the traffic because I did travel on the same streets every day in the past 3 years. The main road I was driving on had 3 lanes and as usual, I took the middle lane. At the first main intersection, I saw a car signaling to veer right. When I got near the car, the driver changed her mind and she veered suddenly left. Her car bashed into my car and pushed me under a table top truck. I was shocked and I could not move for a couple of minutes. Then I tried to open the driver's door, but it was stuck. Someone who saw the accident came and open the door for me and I got out of the car. The scene was awful. See picture attached.

My fear of driving a car

I was afraid to sit in the car even on the back seat after the accident. I guess I saw my death with my own eyes. I was afraid that other drivers will not drive with caution. I was terrified to see another car bashed. I was afraid of another collision. I was afraid to die in such an awful way.

I did not drive for 3 years. This fear of driving caused me lots of headache. I had to catch the bus and the train to get to work every day. It took me 1 hour to get to work instead of 20 minutes by car. But the trauma this accident caused my was terrifying. I had to do something to overcome my fear.

How to overcome your fear

Driving became a necessity for me as my job started to require a fare bit of travelling between different sites. My boss at that time was very supportive and he did send a car for me when I needed to travel, but this was not a viable solution. Although I went to a psychologist for a while, he could not convince me to take up driving again. He told me that I am too strong willed and that I have the power to change.

One day I had to get to a few work sites and my partner did work night shift, so he could not drive me to different sites where I needed to go to. I thought it was the time to drive again. The fear of driving was very strong, but I was determined to give it a try. I do not know whether I was fortunate or unfortunate that day, because I ended up driving between 2 tabletop trucks on the highway. You can imagine my fear all the way to the end of the highway!! But, I did survive and that was the point when I did get my driving confidence back.

The morale of the story is: do not let a car accident to affect your entire behavior. You have the power and strength to change.


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