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How to select a car to buy? What are the most important aspects that have to be considered during the selection?

Updated on November 30, 2012

Buying a car is always difficult, since a vehicle is much more expensive than an item you use every day, so you consider what to buy better. Not only the price of the car is important – many people find it rather difficult to choose between the many cars that can be found on the market – no matter if we speak about a new or a used car. The size, the color, the number or the type of the doors are also as important for many of us as the question of money.

But, after you’ve selected the upper mentioned attributes of the car you can start to think about where to buy the car. There are many places that offer nice cars for sale. For example, you can search through free classifieds either on the internet or in newspapers. These ads are usually very detailed and exact, so you don’t have to do extra research on certain attributes of the car. Meanwhile classifieds on the internet can be limited, but in fact many sites now offer drop-down lists to make the ads more detailed and specific for all enquirers. A simple search engine like Google or Yahoo can also be very handy - you can simply enter your keywords about the desired car and choose between the search results. Websites of car dealers can work as well, while many dealers now try to give detailed info on their website as well. No matter which one you choose: but never buy a car without a full vehicle inspection, because the inner parts of the car can be damaged even if the outside is beautiful!

Another important thing you must keep in mind that you don’t have to make a trip to see the car immediately after you’ve seen the advertisement. At first you better pick up the phone and make a call to the advertiser and ask a few questions about the vehicle to make sure that this is the car you want and you will definitely not buy a pig in a poke. This is a very important movement during buying a used car for sale. The questions must include some of these:

  • How many miles are on the car? or
  • Has the car ever been involved in an accident? or
  • What is the exact price of the vehicle? or
  • Do you have any specific reason you want to sell the car? or
  • Can I make an independent vehicle inspection before the deal?

Never think that an inspection of a used car is unnecessarily. You can borrow a scan tool or purchase one so you can make a car inspection on your own, but it is an even better idea if you ask an independent car inspectorabout the condition of the car. Never forget that you won’t buy a wreck from your hardly earned money and automobile safety is important for you as well!

Vehicle inspection is important! - never forget

To sum it up, please always try to follow the following steps during buying a car, especially a used car:

  • run through many advertisements about cars for sale;
  • never stick to the first ad you find interesting – read many of them;
  • do not choose ads with no pictures – these are possibly about cars with some damage;
  • after you’ve chosen an ad, call the advertiser;
  • ask at least the upper mentioned questions;
  • make a trip and see the car only after the phone call;
  • have the car inspected by an independent professional – be sure that the inspector is independent, otherwise problems can occur;
  • make a deal if everything is fine!

After some search done I think these are the most important things you must look for during buying a car, only money and time can set a limit to our dreams about cars!

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Tips before buying a car

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    • kristisykes profile image

      kristisykes 7 years ago

      Very good tips. thanks for the great info.