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How to test your Blood Alcohol Level before driving

Updated on July 21, 2011

Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) can be tested using Alcohol testing device which are mostly associated with the police during a routine test. But you too can chose your personal tester from an array of different types which you will soon find out.

The process of using the testers involves the same simple steps. They are made up of mouthpiece that are usually detachable. Individuals are required to blow air into them and wait for the device to bring out the result. The test is carried out three times and the results compared in the case of law enforcement. What ever is the situation, you should understand the entire process as presented below.

Types of Alcohol testers

There are four known types of Alcohol testing device. They are:

• Intoxilyzer

This is a type of Alcohol tester that uses Infrared spectroscopy to identify and measure the amount of Ethanol consumed by individuals. It can identify Ethanol molecules by the way incident beam of the IR light is absorbed by the Ethanol molecule at defined wavelength.

• Breathalyzer

This is the most popular type of Alcohol testing device so that people tend to confuse other Alcohol testing device for Breathalyzer. It works on the principle of colour change associated with a Redox reaction mixture of chemicals. It also contain photocells with a metre that measures the colour change when ethanol reacts with the component chemicals.

• AlcoSensor

This is simply a fuel cell. It is made up of two Platinum electrode and acid electrolyte. Once Ethanol is breathed into the system, an electrolytic process-which convert the Ethanol to Ethanoic acid-generates electric current that can be measured by the component Microprocessor

• Semiconductor

They make up the bulk of portable Alcohol testing tools available on the internet. There are various question regarding their accuracy because they are known to respond to other volatile chemical such as Gasoline and perfumes. This brings in a question of the need for precaution during use. What ever the case, they can be able to give results that will help to avoid the negative effect of not having your own.

Where you need Alcohol testing device

Alcohol testers should be an important possession comparable to your handset...did I hear you asking if you are going to be drinking everyday? The thing is that, you do not need to get drunk or engaged in organised drinking to get to the corridor of the ills Alcohol could bring. This brings us to where to take with you Alcohol testing device

• At home

You would not imagine that you should have a personal tester for home use. But you might decide to rush out after making red wine an important part of your dinner.

• Restaurant

You may be an individual that prefers to dine with wine. If you go driving to a distant restaurant, then you should go with your tester. Sometimes, the wine can be so tempting that you could go beyond the legal limit.

• Birthdays

That Birthday toast can also require an Alcohol testing device. You or your friends could be so entrenched in the happiness that you might want to drink a little more.

• Marriage Ceremonies

You would not want to be left out when the champagin is served at your friends marriage event. Why don't you go with your testing device to ensure there is discipline in the process of the joy and celebration.

• Club and Bars

These are the most important places where you need your tester. They are the most notorius places for getting drunk. Law enforcemnet bodies are very aware of this that they prefer to stay in their routes on fridays and saturday night.

You may not be a drinker, But if one of your friend who is a drinker happens to own the car you went out with, it becomes important that you lend a helping hand with your tester. Although Some Clubs do have fixed testers.

Small Alcohol Testers of different brands are available and you can order online, right here:

Why you need Alcohol testing device

• Can prevent from possible fines associated with light drinking.

• It saves the monetary and medical cost incured by possible accident.

• Helps to protect innocent and law abing road users.

• Prevents possible criminal liability in the case of fatal road accident.

• Protects your integrity and save from embarrassment.

• Gives self confidence, control and discipline.

Check out the poll on the best Alcohol testing method:

Which of the Alcohol testing methods would you prefer?

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      James Agbogun 6 years ago

      whoisbid, Sure! We could go a long way helping our loved ones by owning our own Alcohol breath testers. Thanks for visiting!

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      whoisbid 6 years ago

      I don't drink but I am sure a lot of people need this. LOL!