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How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Your Biker

Updated on April 14, 2012
A Biker Christmas
A Biker Christmas

So what is the perfect gift for your motorcycle rider and how do you select it. This can be especially difficult if you're not a biker. There are a multitude of items you can give that biker and they range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. This is, of course, nothing you don’t already know but what we are going to attempt to do, is give you some direction, a way to figure out the gift that will make their day! The information given here is basic and written more for the non rider trying to buy the rider a gift but once you get through the basics this can even help a rider find their way towards the perfect gift.

A gift is by its very nature, a surprise and the best way to figure out how to surprise someone is to know them and what they want. The ultimate way to find this out; is to spy on them, talk to their biker friends, listen closely for little hints. You might want to enlist the help of a co conspirator. Try to develop a short list by weeding out the impossible and improbable. When you get the short list done, see if there is something on that list that they really want and you can afford.

If spying isn’t an option then the following list of how to come up with the perfect motorcycle gift is the way to go. By answering the next 10 questions as thoroughly as possible you should have a good idea about the right gift for your Biker.

1) What type of personality does your biker have? Do they appreciate a good joke. In other words if they were picking out a sun block for themselves would they get a 30 SPF cream called “Coppertone” or would they prefer a 30 SPF spray called “Red Neck Repellent” from Shtuff for Bikers? This will determine if a serious or funny gift is appropriate.

2) What type of bike do they ride, is it a a Sport Bike (ride position is leaning over the bike, Racer type, Crotch Rocket, Ninja) or do they ride a Cruiser (ride position is upright, chrome headlights, speedometer on tank, floor boards)? This will determine the look and style of any accessory or even clothing that would be appropriate for that type of rider. With all parts & accessories, you will need to know the make, year and model of the motorcycle.

3) Do they love chrome or do they prefer colored or blacked out parts? Again, this is very important when selecting the look and style of the accessory.

4) Do they wear full leathers, a full face helmet, A leather jacket, gloves, jeans, a t-shirt, ½ shell helmet or no helmet at all? The style of what they wear is just as important as the fit. The inherent problem with clothes is the fit. Different manufactures fit differently. If you can trick your biker into trying on the same make ahead of time, this is the best. If not, keep that receipt because they may need a re size.

5) Do they have tattoos? Do they have a favorite tatoo artist? Do they have a favorite tattoo parlor? Think gift certificate and you might want to pick them up an aloe product like Shtuff for Bikers "Red Neck Reverter" The name is funny and the aloe inside is the best.

6) Do they talk about how fast it’ll go or how pretty it is? Could be the difference between a new exhaust muffler for design and sound or a new exhaust system for air flow.

7) Do they work on their own bike or send it out to be fixed? Consider this as part of the cost. If they are the do it yourself type and have the appropriate skills & tools then they'll prefer to do it themselves. If not, you might consider getting a gift certificate for the installation as part of the gift

8) Do they take day trips or multi-day tours? This will again determine the type of accessories or equipment you get for the bike. A piece that deals with storage would be very appropriate for the tourer whereas, not so good, for the day tripper.

9) Are they male or female? Young or older? Who do they ride with? These all come into play when selecting the best gift.

10) Lastly, How much do you want to spend?

The options are virtually limitless and always keep in mind, if you are purchasing clothing and vehicle specific parts, you will need the appropriate information. Gloves, sun glasses and helmets should all be fitted because they are just like any other item of clothing, the actual size & fit depend on the manufacturer. Even sun glasses, if they are a little big they can blow off and if they’re too tight they will rub a sore spot above your ear. If they have tattoos, sleeveless or tank top might be the best way to go. The one great thing about clothes is, they are returnable and if you bought them over the internet or at a store be sure to keep the gift recipient so if necessary they can always go back and hopefully find the exact thing they want.

Motorcycle parts or accessories can be either generic (one size fits all), type specific (cruiser / sport), brand specific (Harley, Honda, Victory) or model specific (Ultra Classic, ZX-14, VTX). You will need specific information to buy these parts. They can be easy to install or they can be a royal pain. The most important thing here is the accuracy of your information. Be prepared to answer questions like make, model, year, CC’s/CI, and options. This is also the time to note if your biker will work on things themselves or will they take it to a shop. Make sure whatever part you buy is able to be returned for a refund because a store credit may not offer a big enough selection. Be careful about electronic parts, many are not returnable.

The easiest gifts to purchase for your biker are the generic ones. These items take the least spying and usually less money than the above listed items. They are the one size fits all type of product and once again your options are limitless: biker gift kits, helmet stick ons, patches, models, hats, bracelets, necklaces, motorcycle polish, earrings, decals, biker skin protection, bifocal reader sunglasses, belt buckles, t-shirts, shoe jewelry, biker hand cleaner and biker pain relief products.


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    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      5 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      Thanks, never thought about this. Good ideas!


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