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Hydrogen Generator Building Guides

Updated on February 13, 2014

Hydrogen Generators are called Electrolyzers

Electrolyzers make hydrogen by passing an electric current through water containing an electrolyte.
Electrolyzers make hydrogen by passing an electric current through water containing an electrolyte.

Learn Step by Step from a Hydrogen generator guide

For a few household items and home depot or auto parts shop you can follow a blueprint that is free to build hydrogen generator for tested and proven results.

Saving on fuel is nice but conserving the environment is better. On the internet you will see many gas saving devices, ways of reducing your carbon footprint, fuel efficient vehicles.

Supplement for your fuel is how the water helps with saving you on gas mileage, HHO generators provide a savings of up to 50 percent for many car fuel systems.

A Hydrogen generation system by water electrosis is another way the hybrid technology is being used to help with developing more fuel efficient cars.

So you can either purchase a hydrogen car kits which are available on the market or you can buy complete instruction manuals and guides that will show you step-by-step how to build your own hydrogen generator car.

Many of the parts you can buy at your local home or auto store and with some basic mechanical knowledge, it is possible for anyone to turn their car into hydrogen fuel car.

.Homemade Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator

The hydrogen generator produces about 2 liters per minute at around 22 amps at 12 volts. An increase in voltage such as your vehicles alternator will increase the output of gas as the voltage is raised to almost 14v when you are interested in building a high-efficiency series-cell electrolyzer you can get manuals which showcase an electrolyzer based on the common-duct series-cell electrolyzer.

The concept originally developed and patented by William Rhodes, Ernest Spirig, Yull Brown and later refined by Bob Boyce, and George Wiseman which covers the electrolyzer construction, of the stainless steel electrolyzer plates, soft pcv spacer rings, PVC end plates with gas valves attached, as well as assembling the cell stacks, in order for you to end up with a finished electrolyzer with bubbler.

What you will find in these guides is ways to

  • Build Hydrogen Generator
  • Easy hydrogen generator
  • HHO Gas Generator
  • Homemade hydrogen generator
  • Hydrogen From Water
  • Hydrogen Gas Generator
  • Hydrogen Generator
  • Make Hydrogen Generator
  • Ways To Build Hydrogen Generator

Building a generator for water powered cars starts with the basics of a HHO Generator, starts with getting the right kind of container to put into your engine compartment, the engines carburetor is where the hydrogen is separated in the water to create brown gases that is mixed into your gasoline this gas is what causes the cleaner combustion for a green environment

Materials include: 2 mason glass jars, high flow check valve, vacuum hose tubing, universal automotive tees, barbed elbows, anti-siphon aquarium gang valve, electrical fittings, stainless steel, cable ties, electrical wire, inline fuse holder, gallon of distilled water, box of baking soda, sheet of plexiglas, clear vinyl tubing, check out more on the instructional videos.

Why is making hydrogen important?

Hydrogen is made through and electrolysis process similar to chrome plating, first of all it is a perfect fuel and we can run cars on it.

A hydrolyzer is an electrolysis unit that makes hydrogen, which is the most abundant element in the universe and is a colorless, odorless combustible gas that can be used to produce rocket fuel, make fuel cells, and produce hydrochloric acid.

Hydrogen gas is known as H2 and a diatomic gas, with production methods that include electrolysis of water which is the decomposition of water H2O into oxygen O2 and hydrogen gas H2 due to an electric current being passed through the water.

New Hybrid Technology helps save money on Fuel

Some of the reasons that many people like the idea of using hydrogen fuel cell is because of its cost effectiveness.

Iit has been stated that the car engine runs cooler, increased gas mileage from anywhere between 40 to 80 percent all of this leaves car owners with more cash in their pockets at the end of each month.

It may sound funny when people say they run their car on water but actually you are running your car on hydrogen and oxygen from water, with a hybrid system you can use parts to separate the gases in your engine.

The concept of using water as fuel is nothing new, the technology itself has been around for many years, it just has become more popular due to the rise in oil prices.

The combustion of Brown Gas generates enough energy to mix in with your current gasoline increasing fuels efficiency.

How to make Hydrogen supplies

All About the Tools for Making Hydrogen

How Water & Electrolytes are Used to Make Hydrogen


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  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Hi Jim ! Add more Neutral Plates between your Positive and Negative Electrodes . This will stop the Cell to heat up.

  • profile image

    Phillip Newbold 

    7 years ago

    Could you use less plates, depending on the output of hydrogen the motor requires?

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I have built several of these with various numbers of stainless plates and sodium hydroxide. The same problem occurs with all of them; with battery voltage constant, they create so much heat that it deteriates the cell, the longer it's run the hotter it gets. It does produce gobs of HHO and the engine loves it. I'm looking for an economical way to vary the voltage to the cell as speed increases/decreases. I understand there are some devices out there, but are relatively expensive.

  • Research Analyst profile imageAUTHOR

    Research Analyst 

    8 years ago

    how to make hydrogen is a good way to offer a solution to many auto owners

  • Itswritten profile image


    8 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

    This would be a great way to create more Green Jobs great Hub.


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