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Hyundai Accent Radio Removal (94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99)

Updated on March 19, 2012

Original Hyundai Accent radio

If you have Hyundai Accent dated from 94 to 99 and want to remove original radio to install new one, you will have to remove center dashboard, where radio and AC controls are. It can be tricky and take some time if you are trying to figure it out yourself, but if you know what to do it's only a matter of maybe 15 minutes.

How to install the radio in Hyundai Accent

First you should take out the ashtray. Pull it out and hold the safety down to fully remove it. Then locate two philips screws and unscrew them. The mask should loosen at the bottom. You can slowly try to loosen the upper ends of center dash trim which are fixed only by plastic "click" system. Be carefull since you won't be able to pull whole dash out, because of the wiring.

Hyundai Accent original radio has 4 additional screws which are visible when you take dashboard off. If you have enough place for screwdriver you can unscrew them and then try to slowly pull the radio out. It may go a little harder because there is metal clip on the bottom of the radio, but there isn't anything that needs unsrewing anymore.

How to remove center dashboard in Hyundai Accent

If you can't reach the radio screws, you will have to take whole center dashboard out. First you should locate wire for AC control, which is just above the accelerator pedal. Take the wire of the plastic holder with pushing in the little plastic safety. There is another metal clip that holds the wire, pull it down.

After that open the glove box on the front passenger seat. On the left and right side are two rubber holders, which you can pull towards yourself. The glove box will hang freely and you can reach one cable behind dashboard. Unplug it.

Now you can pull dashboard further out to disconnect other wiring (clock, AC controls). You will have enough space to pull the old radio out and unplugg it.

After that just install the new one and follow the steps above in backwards order to fix the center dashboard back.

Installing new radio in Hyundai Accent

If you have original radio in your Hyundai Accent you will have wire that look like this on the right. This wire only fits in original Hyundai auto radio, and if you want to replace original with new radio, you will probably need ISO wire that will work on the most standard auto radios.

You can Hyundai wire to ISO converter for a few bucks in shops like Amazon.


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