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Hyundai Eon Vs Alto K10 Vs i10 Vs Santro - Price and Diwali discount on Hyundai cars

Updated on October 13, 2011

The good news is that India’s most awaited-most stylish and economical car, Hyundai EON has been launched today, October 13, 2011 just a few days ahead of Diwali. According to several reviews by prospected buyers of entry level cars in India, Hyundai has launched the ultimate competitor of Maruti Alto K10 and this car is being speculated to take India by a storm, just what Maruti 800 did way back in 1983. The new Hyundai Eon car is definitely a first time buyer’s car that is coming all packed with 814-cc engine offering a fuel efficiency of 21 kilometers per liter as claimed by Hyundai, the second top selling car brand in India after Maruti. As revealed by leaked pictures of Hyundai Eon gone viral around the Internet, it can be easily interpreted that Maruti Alto’s exteriors, interiors, and style look ancient and outdated compared to Hyundai Eon’s "Fluidic Verna from front" and "i10 on sides" like innovational design. This is the best Diwali discount for Hyundai lovers in India.

Hyundai Eon Silver Color
Hyundai Eon Silver Color | Source
Maruti Alto K10 vs Hyundai Eon
Maruti Alto K10 vs Hyundai Eon | Source
Eon vs i10 vs Santro - Hyundai's Small Car Cousins
Eon vs i10 vs Santro - Hyundai's Small Car Cousins

Hyundai Eon Vs Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki is already in dilemma due to its recent labor strikes. Furthermore, there is a booking period of 7 to 8 months for the newly launched Maruti Swift. At this time of turmoil and confusion going inside Maruti, Hyundai has launched Eon which is definitely going to cut back Maruti Alto’s market share. It seems like Hyundai’s vision is clear and goals are well defined, as it has launched Hyundai Eon after thorough strategic planning on the right time against its biggest competitor, Maruti Suzuki. Furthermore, a brief comparison of Alto K10 and Hyundai Eon reveals major difference in interiors, exteriors, build quality, design, technology, maneuverability etc. All in all, Alto stands nowhere when compared to the new Eon. Now, Maruti engineers have to think about the design of their current K10 model or trade in another model that can give a cutting edge competition to the roaring Hyundai Eon.

Hyundai Eon Vs i10 Vs Santro

Although Hyundai i10 stands little tall and wide as compared to Eon but that’s nothing when i10-Eon huge price difference is taken into consideration. The 1086 cc base model price of i10 is approximately 3.5 lakhs whereas 814 cc Eon’s base model is priced between 2.69 lakhs to 3.71 lakhs according to Internet sources.

Below are the ex-showroom prices for Hyundai Eon in Delhi:

Hyundai Eon D-LITE is priced at Rs. 2,69,999 Lakhs
Hyundai Eon D-LITE (O) has been priced at Rs. 2,91,869 Lakhs
Hyundai Eon ERA price is Rs. 3,11,869 Lakhs
Hyundai MAGNA is priced at Rs. 3,36,869 Lakhs
Hyundai MAGNA (O) costs Rs. 3,46,869 Lakhs INR
Hyundai SPORTZ top model of Eon is priced at Rs. 3,71,869 Lakhs INR

Also, as expected there will be some compromise on the interiors of Eon compared to i10 due to the money factor but that will not be huge. The plus points of Eon are the latest technological interventions, build quality, maneuverability, and comfortability just like its elder cousin’s i10 and Santro. Santro is still taller than Eon but Eon is wider than Santro. All you are getting is a car of your dreams at an unbeatable price.

Now here are some Diwali discounts offered by Hyundai:

  • Number one is the launch of Hyundai Eon which is on its own a Diwali and New Year bonanza from Hyundai to people of India.
  • Second is Hyundai is offering Santro GL/GLS with free insurance and 5000 INR waiver.
  • Hyundai is waiving Rs. 23,500 for Diwali 2011 on I10 Era.
  • I10 1.1 Magna buyers are getting loyalty discount plus Rs. 23,000 INR waiver from Hyundai.
  • I10 1.2 Magna Sportz is discounted for Rs. 25,000 plus loyalty discount by Hyundai Motor India Limited.
  • Best-seller Hyundai Accent buyers get loyalty discount plus Rs. 6,000 + EW waiver.
  • Hyundai I20 Petrol buyers get rebate of Rs. 13,400 and loyalty discount.

Every old Hyundai customer purchasing a new Hyundai car gets a loyalty discount ranging from Rs. 15,000 INR to Rs. 20,000 INR. People working in corporates and multinational companies can avail an additional discount of Rs. 3000 INR.


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    • profile image

      surinder thapa 5 years ago

      i purchased eon while i went for santo gls. Eon is excellent even in very hilly regions. mileage is approx 18-19 in the begining. Fresh car is bit hard before ist service then gets smoother drive by drive. It will definitely rock. Believe me and take it fargranted. it is a asset.

    • profile image

      Ashutosh Mishra 5 years ago

      I have been using the EON Sportz for the last 6 months. Th e car is smooth and comfortable at least in city conditions. So in comparision with alto, i10,and santro I will give Eon the edge.

    • profile image

      sangobingo 5 years ago

      am 6" and i felt comfortable driving santro and eon! so choice is yours!but eon pick up gets lowered when the AC is on! and i don't know much about santros condition when AC is ON!

    • profile image

      ashish 5 years ago

      hyundai eon sportz great looks plus smooth pickup nice car .. go for it

    • profile image

      Jayant 5 years ago

      Want to buy a hatch.,wit annual running less than 4k..which2buy?..petrol or diesel..hv shortlisted alto k10,beat diesel,new swift vdi or vista quadra?

    • profile image

      Manikantan 5 years ago

      interior and external appearance is ok.think about a cart of a ton been pulled by a bullock of 10kgs?that's something abt eon.power to weight ratio is pathetic.take a test drive and feel.cannot even compare with alto k10

    • profile image

      ASHWIN KUMAR 5 years ago



    • profile image

      prakash 5 years ago

      sir, i am also 6+ which one shall i go for buyin' whether for eon or alto???

    • profile image

      Namita 5 years ago

      I am planning to buy a small car but confused between eon and santro. which one is better?

    • profile image

      MANI 5 years ago

      release the alto new model quickly sir with high features send me the features to mail i.e, plz sir don't forget

    • profile image

      Gowhar wani 6 years ago

      Shall i go for santro or eon ,my height is six plus.

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Hello sid, sri, Haragopal, go for Eon rather than santro having older looks and appearance. Plus thanks a lot Ujwal for your review.

    • profile image

      Ujjwal 6 years ago

      Boss, compare between eon and santro...price is cheaper for eon.....santro is old model....eon hv rich look and balancing style...... So evryone can easily go for eon

    • profile image

      Haragopal 6 years ago

      I am unable to decide whether to go for Santro Xing or Eon Magna. Please suggest

    • profile image

      sri 6 years ago

      Its difficult for old people to get in out of Alto as the seat height is little low. Can somebody tell me how comfortable the seating is in EON , I want to go for one for my parents.

    • profile image

      sid 6 years ago

      i was buying santro xing this diwali....but coz of EON, i m in a dilemma that should i go for santro or wait for EON...plz help

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Hello sdey, have you driven Eon till now. It has been recently launched.

    • profile image

      sdey11 6 years ago

      Alto K10 has a smoother drive than Eon.

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Hello Gagan, I have published a few pointers to your comparison with a link to your article:

    • Gagan Modi profile image

      Gagan Modi 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      There has been lot of Euphoria that Hyundai EON will taken on Maruti Alto. But w.r.t Power, Engine, Performance Alto K10 appeals much more than Hyundai Eon with fact that has superior engine and more power.

      Read comparison between EON n Alto K10:-