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I Have Great Taste In Classic Autos

Updated on September 19, 2011

I have excellent taste in cars. I’ve owned several that could have been great beauties had I been able to afford ones that either ran well or were complete. My first one was a 1960 Simca made in France. I learned to drive straight drive with it going up and down our driveway. I probably drove it all of three times after I turned sixteen and had a driver’s license before my father paid someone to tow it out of the back yard.

During my senior year of high school and my first year at college some 200 miles from home, I had a cute little VW convertible…well it had a convertible top however the previous owner had it welded in the up position because of leakage problems. He also had done lots of cutting to the original metal body replacing those pieces with fiberglass ones making the classic car into a Baja Bug. Pieces were constantly falling off and I would have to stop and load them into the back seat which was a flat shelf.

At some point I bought a 1963 Triumph TR-4A. It was a least a year later I found out the A had to do with the car’s suspension. Everything worked to some degree on the little car painted Carolina Blue. Well, the starter worked but you had to ground it out with a screwdriver under the hood to make it work. And once I had a flat tire on the way back from a junk yard to get parts for it. Since we couldn’t find a jack in the trunk or anywhere else like under the seats somewhere, I lifted the back end up by myself (I was a much stronger teen then) while my friend slid a cinder block under the frame. The rest was easy. Instead of individual lug nuts, the wheels were held on by a single center spinner on each one. Tapping the spinner with a hammer loosened it enough to change the tire and get us on the road again.

I traded the Triumph on a 1973 Kawasaki 350 and I think $100. My sister and I were riding out in the country one day when the rear tire blew. Luck was with me as I was able to control the bike to a safe stop on the side of the road. Luck was also with me that my sister was a pretty girl and the first pickup truck to happen by wasn’t stopping to help me with my bike but to get to know my sister. While I rode in back of the truck with the bike piled on top of loose firewood, she gave directions to our house. As I recall the man did help me get the bike off the load of firewood and safely on the ground. My Dad traded my Kawasaki for a paint job on his house.

The ’66 T-Bird my father and I bought together was a real classic. It was a Landau with a 400 big block mated to a C-6 transmission. In mint condition a car like that today will bring $20,000 easily. I think we over paid about a thousand dollars for ours and the idea was for he and I to work on it together…you know a father and son bonding thing. He never even sat in it as I recall. Eventually sold it for about half what we paid for it. But in mint condition it would have been a real beauty!

I have a great taste for beautiful automobiles. I enjoy seeing them parked in other people’s driveways or tooling down the highway often in mint condition.


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