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IS IT bad engine symptoms or electric problems

Updated on July 4, 2010

IN fact due to the improved happened in engines sines 90s, improving hp ,mileage,overall performance in engines they used electric control chips and sensors to control fuel delivery,timing,shifting points for transmission,etc.and of course they made more than 5 miles wiring inside your car.

IN matter fact.The Computer Command Control System (CCC) electronically controlled every thing in your car and monitor it according to default values. and this done by miles of wiring in your vehicle , so that mean if you got a trouble in your car you don't know it is mechanical failure or electronic problems ,for example bad wiring in your computer harness ,electronic parts failure,

and to give you a quick view this work in this way

1- information sensors

2-computer harness

3- controlled devices

information from sensors to computer to analysis the info then to controlled devices to run the engine this the simplest idea about how to combine electronic with mechanical parts..

Then let us back to the original what i really need to know and how to diagnosis all this to know the difference

symptoms for serious mechanical problems

1- white smoke,low coolant like it drink much ,oil color change fast to muddy or gray one day you will find it turn to creamy signs of creamy in your oil cap over heat in city drive high way is ok at 60 mile, low fuel mileage. symptoms for leaking head gasket, cracked block,cracked head

2- blue smoke, over heating in highway driving so fast , low oil level every week ,knocking noises ,hard start, low fuel mileage, symptoms for piston rings, piston chamber, damage happen inside engine need rebuild

3- rough idle, tapping sound from above engine symptoms for , valve lash , push rods

and this i call it minor problem

symptoms for electronic problems

most of the electronic failure make your check engine light on may stay on  a while or may not

if your check engine light on that for sure the system tell you  you have a problem some where 

some other problems don't make it on but you will found oil is ok, coolant is ok

no over heat but car dont run fine at all ,low fuel mileage

and you must know it by scanner connected to the computer inside your car diagnosing its performance and recover stored code then pin  point on each code start from first and separate the circuit have problems check  under your hood you may surprised you found loosen wire

or burnt one


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