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Riding a motorcycle? Use a helmet

Updated on May 17, 2012
Tom Cruise in Top Gun
Tom Cruise in Top Gun | Source
Do not try to improve... It can have really bad consequences...
Do not try to improve... It can have really bad consequences...
As a biker, I know the importance of wearing a helmet! I know several cases of people dying or staying in pretty bad shape for not wearing a helmet! People have to understand that's is for their own safety! Answering the second part of your question, I think the law is only protecting the bikers themselves, they're the ones who should obligate their states to approve this laws! In my country, portugal, it's mandatory to use a helmet while riding your bike! The only exception: Faro's bike event, once a year, one of the biggest motard gathering in the world!

How to fit a helmet properly

What happens to a helmet during a crash

The importance of wearing a helmet gained another importance after Marco's Simoncelli accident and death... It shocked the racing world and I'm still thinking how was it possible for his helmet to get off that way...

And you, do you usually wear a helmet while riding your motorcylce?

How about you, do you use helmet?

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    • RavenBiker profile image

      RavenBiker 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA.

      I politely disagree that helmets are the ends to acciodents, injuries and fatalities. In fact, I believe hat enforcing helmet laws gives the ridership a false sense of security.

      In Pennsylvania, where I live, helmet laws were relaxed about five years ago. At first, death and injury had increased, however, today, the numbers have deacreased BELOW pre-law repeal---all the while motorcycle ownership had increased. Insurance rates have stayed the same (if not dropped) for all those over 25yrs of age since the repeal. Why? Insurance rates are DIRECTLY tied to statistics and demographics. The condition of insurance rates, in my opinion, is the best gauge of how the absence of a helmet law is doing. Pennsylvanains are REQUIRED to carry insurance on ALL vehicle ownership.

      I, instead, believe that the decrease in death and injury is due to the fact that the Commonweath of Pennsylvania takes safety very seriously. Pennyslvania provides FREE saftey courses for beginner and advanced riders whereas in other states, such as Ohio, I last heard the same safety course costs nearly $400 and the state and insurance companies don't require riders taking it.

      Moreover, regualations governing the manufacture and design of helmets rate for head-on impact of about 25mph. What helmets cannot avoid are neck and spinal injury, brain bruising (because the skull shifts at a different rate as the brain upon impact) and the rider being ill-dressed. Further, helmets can contribute to unusual heating of the brain during very hot weather.

      Personally, I wear a helmet about 95% of the time. In warm and hot weather, I prefer the half helmet for comfort and providing for the reduction of glare. I practice COMMON SENSE in wearing/not wearing a helmet, I don't trust auto drivers (I'd like to enforce a mototcycle saftey requirement for licensing auto drivers instead a helmet law) and my gut instinct for "survival" inn all its foms are more dependable from what I think.

    • profile image

      mjkearn 5 years ago

      Hi lbramos,

      Wearing a helmet is such a must. I've seen to many in Europe not wearing a helmet or any protective clothing, it's so silly. Great info, thanks for sharing,


    • michyoung profile image

      michyoung 5 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      Helmet is a must-have motorcycle gear. It saves lives by 69%. If you are a smart rider, you should always keep in mind the safety and protection while on the road. Great hub! I also wrote a hub about motorcycle helmet Check it out!

    • profile image

      SelenaLyn 5 years ago

      "Got a 10 dollar head? Then buy a 10 dollar helmet."

      Even though they're expensive, helmets are a MUST!

    • kjrzeek1 profile image

      kjrzeek1 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Helmets save lives period. I live in New Jersey so you have to wear one, but sometimes people choose a half shell helmet and pay the price in an accident. Stay safe...